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Wyoming Creates First Ever MMA Exclusive Commission

That’s right, Wyoming is securing itself as prime real estate for future MMA events by creating a commission, that does not rely on pre-existing athletic or boxing commissions.  This is very big news as there are now just five states left that are not regulating MMA.  MMA was not illegal in the state of Wyoming, but there was no way to regulate the sport, until now.  When MMA events take place in a state with no regulation, the fighters that take part in the show will not have their win loss records updated due to the outcome of the event, as it is considered non sanctioned.  Right now Alaska, Montana, Vermont, Connecticut, and New York are the only states left that do not have any commission in place for MMA.

Wyoming State Rep. Bryan Pederson, introduced the bill earlier this year and it was approved unanimously in Congress.   Gov. Matt Mead signed House Bill 87 into law just last week, and he will appoint three members to the commission once the it takes effect on July 1, 2012.  The board is to be funded by a 5% tax on gross revenues earned at the gate, which some believe could upset the potential of the sport in Wyoming.  However, Marc Ratner, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, stated that Wyoming would be a likely candidate for a Fight Night venue once the commission was in place.

That’s one more state down and five more to go.  Hopefully Wyoming will set an example that will open the eyes of the remaining states to see that not only is there a call for the sport in their relative states, but there can also be quite a financial boost to their economies if leveraged correctly.





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