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UFC on Fox 2: Results

This Saturdays fights have come and gone, leaving with them the anticipation of two title fights with arguably the largest rivalries in the UFC.  Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis was not exactly a barn burner, but the two got down to business and shortly after the start of the first round, Phil Davis (now 9-1-0), starting showing his inexperience compared to the former light heavyweight champion.

Rashad Evans (now 17-1-1) bested the challenger in every aspect of the fight.  Rashad landed considerable more strikes, being able to get inside of the taller Davis, completed 3 of his 4 take down attempts, and secured dominant positions over his opponent.  The only thing Rashad could have done to further his dominance would have been to stop the fight with a k.o. or submission.  All three judges scored the bout in favor of Evans.

This will now set up a chance for Evans to face his former team mate turned rival, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones (15-1-0), the champion of the Light Heavyweight division.  This rivalry has been covered at great lengths, and will be again considering the pending fight.  The rivalry seemed to develop when Jon Jones stepped ahead of Rashad Evans for a title shot versus Shogun Rua, after Rashad sustained an injury that prohibited him from competing.

The other rivalry match was left to us courtesy of a Chael Sonnen (27-11-1) victory over Michael Bisping (22-4-0) in a back and forth bout that ended with an arguably controversial decision.

The first two rounds of the fight were a bit of a grind with Chael Sonnen undoubtedly winning the third round.  The controversy comes into play when the first two rounds are looked upon closely and it is Michael Bisping landing more strikes, pinning Chael Sonnen against the fence and controling the action.  Chael Sonnen did secure take downs during these rounds but Bisping was able to immediately stand back up.

In the post fight interview Chael Sonnen’s character came to surface as he seemed more interested in entertaining the fans than recounting the fight.


Lavar Johnson (16-5-0) wins over Joey Beltran (13-7-0) by way of K.O.  Resulting in Beltrans forth loss in five fights.

Charles Oliveira (15-2-0) wins over Eric Wisely (19-7-0) by way of an excellent submission that looked like some kind of cross breed of a heel hook and figure four

Chris Weidman (8-0-0) wins over Demian Maia (15-4-0) by way of a long and rather boring stand up bout in which the fans were clearly not the winners.  Chris Weidman, in his defense, did take the fight with only 11 days notice, but Demian Maia’s entertainment value was put into serious question.


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