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UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs Aspinall: Results

This UFC Fight Night makes you proud to be a fan. Many fights did not make it out of the first round. It was a big day that proved the UFC future will be marked with bright talents. Check below for the results and a round by round for the main card.

Prelims (ESPN+ at 12:30pm CDT)

Muhammad Mokaev vs Cody Durden – flyweight bout – Muhammad Mokaev won by 1st round submission

Cory McKenna vs Elise Reedwomen’s strawweight bout – Elise Reed won by split decision

Jack Shore vs Timur Valiev – bantamweight bout – Jack Shore won by unanimous decision

Nikita Krylov vs Paul Craiglight heavyweight bout – Paul Craig won by first-round submission

Shamil Abdurakhimov vs Sergei Pavlovichheavyweight bout – Shamil Pavlovich won by first-round KO/TKO

Mike Grundy vs Makwan Amirkhanifeatherweight bout – Makwan Amirkhani won by first-round submission

Main Card (ESPN+ at 3:00pm CDT)

Jai Herbert vs Ilia Topuria #15 – lightweight bout
Round 1: The fighters took the center of the octagon and Topuria started to control the center. Herbert fired off a couple of good punches that seemed to be significant. A brief exchange and Herbert landed a head kick that dropped Topuria. He jumped on Topuria but his stunned opponent was able to scramble back to a clinch and regain his composure. Topuria struggled for a single and ended up securing the takedown. Topuria moved to side control and the blood was showing from his nose. Herbert got him back in his guard and they continued to grapple for a better position. Herbert got back to his feet and they continued to strike with Herbert being the obvious advantaged opponent, with a six-inch reach advantage. Thirty seconds remained and Herbert hit him with another knee that left his mouthpiece flying. The two swung it out until the end of the round.

Round 2: Topuria took the center of the octagon and worked off of his jab. It looked as if Topuria hurt him with a right but nothing seemed to come of it. About 30 seconds into the round and Topuria hit him with a big left to the body and a right hook to the chin which immediately turned out the lights for Herbert, and kept his record undefeated.

Round 2 KO/TKO – Topuria

Molly McCann vs Luana Carolina – women’s flyweight bout
Round 1: Molly took the center but Carolina looked ready mixing with kicks. Molly landed a big punch which had Carolina reeling for nearly the first minute of the round. Molly pushed for the finish but Carolina recovered. They worked the clinch for a while and were broken apart with 3 minutes left in the round. McCann looked like she was only willing to throw shots that would call the night early. A minute and a half left in the round and Carolina was wearing the damage from McCann’s punches and again McCann had her covering up as she threw flurries at Carolina to both body and head. The flurry ended in another clinch and McCann looked like she was losing respect for her opponent. The round ended as both fighters threw down to the buzzer. 10-8 McCann

Round 2: McCann took the center and Carolina worked off the clinch. They separated soon after and went to work. A minute and a half into the round and McCann secured a takedown as the fighters went to McCann in side control. McCann threw knees from side control as Carolina showed holes in her ground game. Surprisingly, McCann stood up and the fighters got back to their feet where both fighters threw some big shots but it was Carolina who got the better of the exchanges. Six seconds left in the round and a big takedown from McCann slammed Carolina to the mat. 10-9 McCann

Round 3: The fighters showed their respect in the center of the octagon but Carolina looked to be building confidence. McCann seemed to be tiring as they worked in Carolina’s clinch. They separated and immediately started to exchange some big shots. Three minutes into the round and a McCann spinning elbow hit right on the chin and out went Carolina without the consciousness to protest. McCann with a super entertaining showing and maybe the performance of the night

Round 3 KO/TKO – McCann

Gunnar Nelson vs Takashi Sato – welterweight bout
Round 1: Sato took the center of the octagon and started as the busier of the two fighters. Nelson threw a big head kick that missed its mark. Nelson looked to close the distance but followed up with no takedown attempts. They continued to feint jabs as Nelson showed a grappling game plan forming as he took down Sato with a double. Nelson ended up on Sato’s back and started to make him pay for it with a good body triangle and some big punches and elbows against the side of Sato’s head. The position was held until the round ended. 10-9 Nelson

Round 2: Sato took control of the octagon and the two spent the opening minute of the round exchanging strikes with nobody getting a clear advantage. Nelson hit a good jab that backed up Sato but nothing came of it. Nelson shot for a takedown halfway through the round and landed in side control. Nelson once again sunk in a body triangle while on Sato’s back and began to pepper him again with shots until the end of the round. 10-9 Nelson

Round 3: Sato retook his position in the center of the octagon. The fighters moved to clinch and Nelson looked like he was ready to get the fight a little dirty. A minute into the round and Nelson was showing blood under his nose. A minute and a half left and Nelson took down Sato again taking his back and again putting on a body triangle on the Sato. Once again, the shots began to pepper in on Sato as Nelson fired off with little resistance. With a minute left in the fight, Nelson began to fight for a rear-naked choke. The fight stayed in that position until the bell. 10-9 Nelson

winner by unanimous decision – Nelson

Paddy Pimblett vs Kazula Vargas – lightweight bout
Round 1: Varga took the center of the octagon and the two started swinging for the fences. Vargas ended up on top after a big shot. Vargas began to work from the guard and passed to half guard. Two minutes into the round and Pimblett got back to his feet. The two worked out of the clinch with Vargas pressured Pimblett against the cage. A hip toss from Pimblett and Vargas was on his back with Pimblett scrambling to take his. Pimblett worked for a rear-naked choke, with the body triangle in, until Pimblett’s effort paid off and he got the tapout. This young man should find himself headlining his next UFC event.

Winner by first-round submission = Paddy Pimblett

Arnold Allen #7 vs Dan Hooker #8 – featherweight bout
Round 1: The fighters take the center of the octagon and it’s Hooker who appeared to be pushing the pace. Allen began to start in with some calf kicks as the two continued to exchange. Allen opened up with some heavy punches and nearly had Hooker out on his feet for nearly 30 seconds as Hooker stumbled around but refused to drop. Halfway through the round and Hooker was in trouble again as Arnold Allen turned on the nitrous and hit Hooker with a hard left that wobbled him and followed up with a head kick and a flurry (predominantly consisting of hard hooks) as Allen went to switch to elbows, to a Hooker who still had not been dropped, the referee saw enough. Allen was very aggressive and should see his stock rise.

Winner by first-round KO/TKO Arnold Allen

Alexander Volkov #6 vs Tom Aspinall #11heavyweight bout
Round 1: The fighters entered the center of the octagon and Aspinall started to dictate the pace. Aspinall mixed it up with kicks and punches and then took Volkov down with four entire minutes remaining in the round. While he attempted to move out of half guard he began to land some big elbows on Volkov. He began to posture up, in half guard, and dropped more elbows, opening up Volkov. He began to work for a Kimura and the two got up to their feet. Aspinal kept the pressure going and slipped off of a kick, aided by a Volkov punch, but Aspinall got up quickly. Moments later, Aspinall took Volkov down with a double after slipping a right hand. He began to posture up in half guard and dropped some big elbows until he decided the Kimura was there and took it. Volkov tapped immediately ending the fight halfway through the first round. Aspinall looked very impressive.

Winner by first-round KO/TKO Tom Aspinall







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