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UFC Fight Night: Santos vs Ankalaev Results

UFC Fight Night has completed its Saturday night’s entertainment with another night of thrilling fights. If you are not tuning into ESPN + for these Fight Nights then you should definitely consider it. This night had everything in it even though that included a low key headline fight. Check out the results below for a night of great performances, knockouts, and submissions. Round breakdowns on the main card fights.

Prelims (airing at 3:00pm CST on ESPN +)

Mathew Semelsberger vs Aj Fletcher (welterweight bout) – (unanimous decision)
JJ Aldrich vs Gillian Robertson (women’s flyweight bout) – (unanimous decision)
Trevin Jones vs Javid Basharat (bantamweight bout) – (unanimous decision)
Damon Jackson vs Kamuela Kirk (featherweight bout) – (2nd round submission)
Sabina Mazo vs Miranda Maverick (women’s flyweight bout) – (2nd round submission)
Dalcha Lungiambula vs Cody Brundage (middleweight bout) – (1st round submission, performance of the night)
Kris Moutinho vs Guido Cannetti (bantamweight bout) – (1st round KO/TKO)
Tafon Nchukwi vs Azamat Murzakanov (light-heavyweight bout) – (3rd round KO/TKO, performance of the night)

Main Card (airing at 6:00pm CST on ESPN+)

Alex Pereira vs Bruna Silva (middleweight bout) –

Round one: The fighters touch each other up in a feeling-out phase that lasts the first minute of the round. Silva continued to lunge toward an elusive Pereira that appeared to be getting the better of the exchanges mixing an array of kicks and punches. With a minute and a half left in the round, Silva secured a takedown, however, he was unable to hold him down long and with just a few seconds remaining in the round, Pereira threw some big shots that hit their mark. 10-9 Pereira.

Round two: Periera took the center of the octagon and the two slugged it out through the opening minute of the round. Pereira continued to look like the sharper striker as well leveraging a reach advantage that proved troublesome. Silva tried to overcome with another shot that succeeded, once again, he proved incapable of holding Pereira down as the taller fighter quickly found his way to his feet. The two got some distance and good exchanges ensued. The round ended with a slip from Silva landing him with Periera in full guard before the buzzer. 10-9 Pereira

Round three: Silva used some strikes to setup another double but Pereira sprawled away from it successfully defending the takedown. They ended up in a clinch and traded some dirty boxing against the cage. After breaking they started to exchange from range and Pereira started to land some clean shots. Silva stumbled from a big punch and Pereira kept the attack on from a clinch position. Pereira began to hurt Silva again. Silva shot for a takedown but again Pereira sprawled out of it. Back against the fence and Silva struggled for the takedown. A short uppercut appeared to really hurt Silva again and the bell sounds. 10-9 Silva

Winner by unanimous decision Alex Pereria.

Drew Dober vs Terrance McKinney (lightweight bout) –

Round one: A flying knee from McKinney and excellent follow-up had Dober stunned. Another flying knee and Dober drops back while trying to hook the leg of McKinney. A minute into the round and Dober looks like he’s got a rough night ahead. McKinney took Dober down and found his way into Dober’s full guard. Drew Dober fought well off his back and then kicked back up to get to his feet. They exchanged wee until a Dober knee stunned, and dropped McKinney then capitalized with some punches until the referee stopped the match, debatably early.

First round TKO Drew Dober

Khalil Rountree Jr vs Karl Roberson (light-heavyweight bout) –

Round one: These fighters were throwing it all in their shots as each fighter found some success. Roundtree definitely seemed to be controlling the octagon. Roberson threw some hard leg kicks. A Robberson body kick was caught by Rountree though nothing really came of it. A slow start and a tough round to score. 10-9 Rountree (Octagon control)

Round two: Rountree came out with a sense of purpose rocking Roberson with a right hook, dropping Roberson. He jumped on him and as Roberson struggled to get to his feet Rountree rocked him hard with a body kick. Roberson somehow struggled to his feet and another hard right found its mark dropping Roberson again, and the referee had seen enough.

Winner by 2nd round KO/TKO Khalil Rountree. (performance of the night).

Sodiq Yusuff #12 vs Alex Caceres #15 (featherweight bout) –

Round one: Yusuff takes the center of the octagon and Caceres took Yusuff down but they scrambled back to their feet. They exchanged some more shots and Yusuff got a takedown against Caceres who quickly got back to his feet. The two separated a bit and Yusuff tried to fight for a takedown that proved unsuccessful as some time and energy was spent on it. In the final minute of the round, Yusuff used some striking to close the gap and attempted another takedown. The attempt ended unsuccessfully and it appeared that Caceres would threaten a submission before the round ended. 10-9 Yusuff (control)

Round two: The fighters came out with a busier pace as each fighter had some big connections. Caceres began to control the octagon and initiated many of the exchanges. Some heavy lead kicks connect for Yusuff and a big knee landed in the center of Caceres. Yusuff was in control of the center of the octagon and continued to pepper the legs of Caceres. A minute left in the round and Caceres was tallying up damage on his legs. A caught body kick and some back and forth spelled the end of the round. 10-9 Yusuff.

Round three: Yusuff continued to land some big lead kicks. Caceres lunged in for a takedown but it was successfully defended. Yusuff hit some big kicks both head and leg that had to have bothered Caceres. with 30 seconds left in the round, they clinched near the cage and separated to another Yusuff leg kick. Final seconds of the fight and Yusuff went for a submission. 10-9 Yusuff.

Yusuff won by unanimous decision.

Marlon Moraes #10 vs Song Yadong #14 (bantamweight bout) –

Round one: Song looked to take the center of the octagon. Yadong hit Moraes with a big right hand and Moraes was temporarily stunned. The two exchanged some back and forth shots while Song controlled the octagon. Song opened up with a big combination that ended with a big uppercut that knocked Moraes out.

Round one knockout winner Song Yadong (performance of the night).

Thiago Santos #5 vs Magomed Ankalaev #6 (light-heavyweight bout) –

Round one: One minute in and both fighters were feeling each other out. Ankalaev controlled the center of the octagon. Ankalaev continued to stalk Santos and halfway through the opening round and both fighters were scrambling with Santos getting the worst of it. Ankalaev continued to work the front kick as he controlled the octagon. The end of the round seemed to be dominated by feints and the action stalled out a bit. 10-9 Ankalaev

Round two: Ankalaev took the center of the octagon again. The two picked up the pace a bit and some exchanges were happening but halfway through the round and no notable accounts took place. Ankalaev began to find his mark as a couple of big shots looked to really stun Santos. 30 seconds remained and the fighters were coming in for some huge shots. Santos knocked down Aknalaev with a big shot and jumped on him but Ankalaev was recovered and defending until the bell. 10-9 Santos

Round three: Ankalaev came right back to the center of the octagon. Ankalaev threw a big head kick that nearly hit its mark. The two men continued with a back and forth that included feints, body kicks, and many single strikes. Halfway through the round and Ankalaev was showing the wear on his back right thigh. The two opened up with a good exchange from both fighters including a spinning kick from Ankalaev. The final seconds of the round came down and both fighters continued to find success with single blows. 10-9 Ankalaev

Round four: Santos came out with a vengeance and appeared to have Ankalaev hurt for a moment. The two continued striking in a fashion similar to the first three rounds where Ankalaev punches came in singles and Santos combinations and kicks were just missing their marks. Thirty seconds left and Ankalaev secured a takedown and landed it in half guard. A few elbows and some punches and Ankalaev likely stole the round. 10-9 Ankalaev

Round five: The final round began and Ankalaev took the center of the ring. They exchanged in the center of the octagon a little in the first minute. Santos appeared to be loading his shots trying to turn the night around. Ankalaev stayed in the pocket with him and continued to answer all shots as the first half of the round passed. The fighters struggled against the cage while the clinch worked more for Ankalaev who kneed away at Santos’ legs. Ankalaev threatened a single, but thought better of it and went back to kneeing his opponent’s thighs, feeding an occasional knee to Santos’ head. Ten seconds left and Ankalaev is working dirty boxing until the round ended. 10-9 Ankalaev.

Winner by unanimous decision Magomed Ankalaev.







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