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UFC 273 Results

Volkanovski vs The Korean Zombie

UFC 273 Results are in. There was not a boring fight on this card. From the early prelims to the main card. Decision, submission or knock out these fighters came to make a statement and made such awesome entertainment.

Serious statements were made from the early prelims on. Check below for the results of another successfully entertaining night from the UFC.

Results Early Prelims (aired on ESPN and ESPN + at 5:15pm CDT)

Julio Arce vs Daniel Santos – bantamweight bout – Julio Arce out struck Santos with some impressive boxing to get the unanimous decision in this high paced bout.

Piera Rodriguez vs Kay Hansen – women’s strawweight bout – A great back and forth bout that ultimately landed in a unanimous decision for Rodriguez due to a superior ground game, improving her record to 8-0.

Aleksi Oleinik vs Jared Vanderaa – Heavyweight bout – This fight didn’t make it out of the first round when a dominating Vanderaa found himself at a disadvantage on the mat and ultimately tapping out due to a boa constrictor.

Results Prelims (aired on ESPN + at 7pm CDT)

Mickey Gall vs Mike MalottWelterweight bout – A crisp left hook set the KO victory for Mike Malott in the very first round securing a promising UFC debut.

Aspen Ladd #4 vs Raquel Pennington #7Women’s Bantamweight bout –
Tremendously entertaining 1st round. unfortunate eye poke round 2. Great striking exchange R2. A smooth R3 takedown and Ladd got her chance on the mat but Pennington continued to stay on her feet. But a great show for sure. 2 rounds to 1 Raquel Pennington. Great night for women’s MMA. On a 9 day notice she pulls off her 4th consecutive win.

unanimous decision for Raquel Pennington.

Anthony Hernandez vs Josh Fremd – Middleweight bout

Hernandez showed his skills early on in the first round working UFC debut Josh Fremd. 2nd round Josh Fremd begins to turn the tide after Hernandez gives up the dominant position on the mat and Fremd wins the round. R3 Hernandez very aggressive and secures a takedown. Fremd got to his feet but Hernandez slammed him down again. R3 is all Hernandez as he controls the ground game ending the fight in a reverse triangle submission attempt. An awesome show from these two.

Unanimous decision Anthony Hernandez.

Ian Garry vs Darian Weeks – Welterweight bout –

This one goes the distance but it was Weeks who appeared to be the better man tonight, due to some great striking and keeps an undefeated record moving to 9-0.

Ian Garry via unanimous decision

Main Card (aired on ESPN + PPV at 9pm CDT)

Vinc Pichel vs Mark MadsenLightweight bout

R1 – Madsen with some good leg kicks early in the first round, I have Madsen through the first with some good strikes and wrestling.

R2 – Madsen gets rocked with some good shots from Pichel. Pichel was looking good in this round and won on our card.

R3 – Pichel comes out and starts to show some good striking against Madsen. Madsen controlled position on the mat with 3:30 left on the clock. Pichel started to get frustrated with Madsen’s ability to hold dominate position. R-3 Madsen

Winner by unanimous decision Mark O. Madsen.

Mackenzie Dern #5 vs Tecia Torres #7 – Women’s Strawweight bout

R1- NO feeling out period as Dern looks to rush Torres early. They go back and forth with excellent striking from both women. Dern threatened to take it to the mat at one point but they stayed on their feet and went the whole round striking. no clear winner

R2 – They get back at it with Dern controlling the center of the octagon. Dern clinched up against the cage and began to climb on Torres working for a kimura. Dern drug her to the mat with the kimura and Torres defended it the whole way. Dern then transitioned to a knee bar that Torres again defended. Dern

R3 – It’s again Dern who comes out to control the center of the octagon. Dern also looked to be the fresher fighter, no doubt from carrying Dern while defending that kimura. Torres whipped out a short heel kick that found its mark and then it’s Torres who stumbled Dern with an up kick but failed to follow up with anything of relevance. Dern recovered and again began to stalk Torres. Tecia worked for the takedown at the end of the round but it was Dern who landed on top. Torres

Winner by split decision – Mackenzie Dern

Gilbert Burns #2 vs Khamzat Chimaev #11 – Welterweight bout –

R1 – Khamzat takes the center and struck to a clinch against the cage. Khamzat drug him down and Khamzat got off and brought it back to the feet. Khamzat continued to control the center and stung Gilbert with a right. The back and forth between strikes continued. Suddenly, Chimaev hit Burns with a fast and hard jab that sat Burns down. Chimaev followed briefly with some ground and pound. 30 seconds to go and they are back on their feet with Burns bleeding from somewhere on his head. Khamzat

R2 – Burns looked to take the center of the octagon. The two continued to exchange from their feet with each fighter getting their shots in. Burns had Chimaev hurt halfway through the round but Chimaev was able to recover. Burns continued to find some success. Some awesome shots from Burns including an unexpected up kick to the body scored. Ckhimaev started to pour it on with some big shots but a counter from Burns nearly knocked out Chimaev as he struggled to the end of the round. Burns

R3 – Chimaev took the center of the octagon. Chimaev began to find his shots on burns and stuffed another burns takedown. Chimaev with 3:30 left started to really stun Burns until the two ended up clinching. They separated and Chimaev stalked Burns peppering the occasional punches. Burns began to get a few shots off that were making an impact and back and forth it went. less than a minute left in the fight and they continued to exchange in the middle of the ring Khamzat with big knee that stunned Burns followed up by a body kick. Chimaev

Winner by unanimous decision – Khamzat Chimaev

Aljamain Sterling C vs Petr Yan C – Bantamweight Title bout –

R1 – Yan took the center of the octagon early. The two had a feel out phase that lasted about the first half of the round. Yan got off a couple of good shots that stung Sterling and Yan continued to stalk Sterling around the octagon until the round ended. Yan

R2 – They had a couple of good exchanges with no clear benefactor. Sterling went in for one shot and was denied. He went again and secured the takedown. He sunk in his hooks and had the back of Yan with a good body triangle on Yan. With over half the round left Sterling had plenty of time to work a submission. Sterling worked some heavy ground and pound against Yan who still held the body triangle in place. 40 seconds left and Sterling was back on his back, Yan punched back at Sterling but Sterling got the better of the exchanges. Sterling

R3 – Yan took the center of the octagon again. The two exchanged some low kicks, mostly from Yan. Sterling took another shot at Yan but Yan defended and continued to pressure Sterling. Sterling again with a takedown attempt but this time secured it and again took Yan’s back and locked in the body triangle. Working for the rear naked choke he weathered Yan’s punches until the end of the round. Sterling

R4 – The start of the round and Yan comes out with a flurry that stings Sterling. A Yan leg kick stuffed a Sterling takedown. Sterling broke apart and the men exchanged shots. Sterling looked to take the fight to the mat again and ended up taking guard to secure it. Yan fought in Sterling’s guard peppering him with shots. Yan postured up and hit Sterling with a couple of big shots and continued to dominate and resecure his dominate position and controlled the fight until the buzzer. Yan

R5 – Yan knocks Sterling down with a leg kick and Yan stayed glued to Sterling. Sterling looked for another takedown and Yan stuffed him against the cage and got back to his feet. Yan controlled the octagon but Sterling rushed for another takedown attempt. Yan stuffed the attempt and the two met with 3:00 left in the round slugging it out in the center of the octagon. Yan scrambled out of another takedown with one minute left and Yan ends up on the back of Sterling until the buzzer. Yan

Winner by split decision – Aljamain Sterling

Alexander Volkanovski C vs Chan Sung Jung #4 – Featherweight Title bout –

R1 – The Zombie appeared to be the one to take the center of the octagon but Volkanovski was working some serious jabs. A one two looked to have stung the Korean Zombie but Volkanovski kept picking his shots until he secured a takedown with a minute left in the round. Sung Jung got back to his feet and got hurt twice near the end of the round by sharp Volkanovski boxing. Volkanovski

R2 – Chan Sung Jung took the center once again, wearing some of the punches from the champ. Volkanovski started to throw some leg kicks into his mix. Volkanovski Hit Zombie with a big punch halfway through the round that looked like the beginning of the end. Volkanovski then secured a takedown but The Zombie appeared to recover. The stood again and Volkanovski went in for another takedown which was stuffed by Sung Jung. Volkanovski continued to to poor on heavy shots and again secured another takedown. Volkanovski separated and began to found more success with the jab. 10-8 Volkanovski

R3 – Volkanovski and The Zombie started to trade in the center with both landing some good shots. The Zombie continued to stalk Volkanovski, and Chan stunned Volkanovski again but was unable to capitalize on it. Volkanovski started to establish his jab again and shot for another takedown that was defended by The Zombie. A big right hand from Volkanovski sat Jung Sung on his butt and with about 10 seconds left he made it to the buzzer. 10-8 Volkanovski

R4 – The officials ask if Sung Jung wants to continue which he says he does. The Zombie back in the center and the jab back in his face. Vokanovski hit him with a couple of big shots that sent reeling backwards and Herb Dean saw enough and called a stop to the fight.

Winner by TKO – Alexander Volkanovski






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