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UFC 272: Covington vs Masvidal Results

UFC 272 is in the books and a more entertaining night would be difficult to find. This night started out with a blistering pace and never let up. Rivals came out to settle things, Joe Rogan came back from a hiatus and the entire night was thrilling. Check below to get the results of the fights and see who came out on top.

Early Prelims

Dustin Jacoby vs Michal Oleksiejczuk (light-heavyweight bout) – These two had an awesome back and forth. The match didn’t quite go as anticipated as it was later discovered that Jacoby injured his legs in his training camp and the match turned predominantly into a boxing match. Jacoby ultimately had his hand raised and improved his standing with a unanimous decision victory.

Devonte Smith vs Ludovit Klein (lightweight bout) – I was very impressed with Klein as Devonte proved to be a game competitor. The first round definitely went to Klein as he dropped Devonte with a big punch and secured a couple of takedowns that ended in some big knees to his rising opponent. Ultimately Klein wins by a split decision which I believed a bit odd that any judge would not score that fight for Klein.

Tim Elliot vs Tagir Ulanbekov (flyweight bout) – How do you prepare to fight Tim Elliot? Where would you even search for sparring partners that could mimic the awkward movements of this fighter? These fighters both put on a great pace but it was Elliot who ended up with the unanimous decision victory over Ulanbekov.

Brian Kelleher vs Umar Nurmagomedov (featherweight bout) – A round-one submission at 3:15 of the round ended the night for Kelleher as Umar dominated his opponent until he found a rear-naked choke to end the night.


Maryna Moroz vs Mariya Agapova (women’s flyweight bout) – The Ukrainian Moroz was rightfully emotional after a grueling back and forth ended in a submission victory in her favor. After the match, she was in tears after what has probably been the only good news she has had since her country’s invasion. Nothing against her tough competitor, but it was hard not to cheer for the Ukrainian underdog in light of the current climate.

Nicolae Negumereanu vs Kennedy Nzechukwu (light-heavyweight bout) – Nicolae weathered some serious eye pokes that likely cost Nzechukwu the fight as the referee ended up taking a point away in the third round. The fight went the distance and the split decision went to Nicolae which was still a questionable decision.

Marina Rodriguez #3 vs Yan Xiaonan #4 (women’s strawweight bout) – These women swung for the fences as this stand-up brawl went the distance. The two top contenders left no doubt as to their top-ranking status worthiness. In the end, it was Rodriguez who squeaked out the decision in her favor.

Jalin Turner vs Jamie Mullarkey (lightweight bout) – Turner, the skyscraper of a lightweight, put on a striking clinic until referee stoppage came early in round 2, at 46 seconds of the round. Turner put the division on notice as a real threat to any would-be opponent.

Main Card

Serghei Spivac vs Greg Hardy (heavyweight bout) – Spivac made short work of the much larger Greg Hardy. He secured a first-round KO/TKO after the referee saw enough and stopped the match due to strikes. Spivac hip-tossed Hardy and quickly capitalized on the obvious shortfall with Hardy’s ground game. The stop came at 2:46 of round one propelling Spivac’s standing in the division.

Kevin Holland #14 vs Alex Oliveira (welterweight bout) – Oliveira proved he was game for this fight when early in the first round Holland stunned his opponent with a right and Alex immediately recovered and returned the favor with a shot that wobbled Holland right back. The round ended with some heavy calf kicks that resulted in some scrambling on the mat until the buzzer.
The second round started and 30 seconds in Holland dropped Alex with a short right hand then quickly jumped on his opponent striking him until the referee saw enough. Holland secured a second-round KO/TKO at 38 seconds in his welterweight debut, undoubtedly adding to his fan base.

Edson Barboza #10 vs Bryce Mitchell #11 (featherweight bout) – The bout started with some heavy leg kicks from Barboza as the two fighters went back and forth in some standing exchanges. Nearly halfway through the round, it was Bryce who found success with a short left hand that dropped Barboza and helped Bryce secure an excellent takedown which left Bryce in top position until 30 seconds remained before Barboza was able to find his footing. I had this round in favor of Mitchell 10-9.
Round 2 began and the two fighters began similar to the first round. Mitchell secured an early takedown and fought out of full guard while Bryce began to find success in strikes opening up Barboza and controlling his opponent with his grappling for the majority of the round until the buzzer. This was another Bryce round arguably could have been 10-8.
Round 3 starts and the urgency is obvious with Barboza as his striking seemed to come with urgency. However, another Bryce takedown came after the first minute and things were looking pretty bleak for Barboza. Halfway through the round, a triangle attempt from Barboza was easily thwarted by Bryce and more of the same came Barboza’s way. With a minute left Bryce secured full mount and shots continued to pepper the legendary Barboza. The round ended with a battered Barboza and all three judges scored in favor of the obvious winner, Bryce Mitchell.

Rafael Dos Anjos #6 vs Renato Moicano (catchweight bout @ 160lbs) – Round 1 starts and Moicano landed a big body kick and the two went back and forth with their exchanges. Dos Anjos secured a gib takedown 2 minutes into the round and landed in side control near the cage. Dos Anjos continued to hold the dominant position on Moicano until the end of the round. I had this round 10-9 for Dos Anjos.
Round 2 looked to be favoring Dos Anjos again, as the two fighters remained on their feet for the first half of the round until Dos Anjos scored another takedown. Dos Anjos continued to control the fight on the ground transitioning at will and peppering his opponent until the end of the round. 10-9 Dos Anjos.
Round 3 both fighters exchanged on the feet where Dos Anjos appeared to be getting the better of the exchanges but not without Moicano letting him know he was still in this. Moicano started to drop his hands as if he couldn’t be hurt until a Dos Anjos head kick found its mark and dropped Moicano. Moicano amazingly fought through it and ended up on his back taking more and more punishment until the end of the round. This was arguably a 10-8 round for Dos Anjos.
Round 4 the referee calls the doctor over to assess Moicano and Moicano gets the green light to continue. The two begin again with some great strikes landing for both fighters. One minute in and Dos Anjos is back on top of Moicano’s half guard. Dos Anjos continued to pour down punishment on Moicano hitting Moicano with elbows and causing more damage to the already questionable left eye. 10 seconds left into the round and the fighters are back on their feet. After the round ended Moicano looked like he was seriously stumbling to find his corner. \
Round 5 the doctor inspected the eye and the fight continued with a referee warning that Moicano better show him something within the first 30 seconds or he would call the fight. The fighters continued with striking going back and forth but Dos Santos was still in control of the match. 3:30 left in the fight and Dos Anjos with another takedown but Moicano is back on his feet in thirty seconds. A battered Moicano showed that he was still game as he continued to display the heart of a champion. Unfortunately, the damage was piling up. It was suspected that Dos Anjos was putting on the kid gloves in the fifth round, however, I’m not so sure as the final minute of the fight showed a rally for Moicano who was swinging for the fences and left the crowd on their feet. I have this as another 10-9 for Dos Anjos but not enough can be said for the stock of Moicano who took the 5 round fight on less than a week’s notice and displayed the heart of a champion throughout. The judges all gave the match to Dos Anjos, winning by unanimous decision.

Colby Covington #1 vs Jorge Masvidal #6 (welterweight bout) – No surprise the fighters refused to touch gloves. Jorge came out with a flying knee that missed its mark. The two exchange on the feet and Masvidal landed a leg kick that appeared to have a lot of effect on Covington. Covington shot for a takedown and Masvidal showed excellent takedown defense as Convington struggled to secure the takedown that eventually succeeded. Covington fought for a rear-naked choke that was successfully defended by Masvidal as Colby continued to control the ground game peppering Masvidal with shots though nothing too damaging. With 30 seconds left in the round, the two got to their feet and exchanged strikes until the end of the round. 10-9 Covington.
Round 2, Herb Dean warned Covington to watch the eye pokes as a replay showed an unintentional eye poke was made. The two started the first minute of the round on the feet and Masvidal looked to be getting the better of the exchanges. Colby shot for a takedown but Masvidal was defending and answering with some pretty aggressive elbows. Herb Dean broke the fighters up due to a low blow. Some big shots from Masvidal landed on the legs of Covington. 1:52 left in the second round and Covington slips as Masvidal tried to capitalize on it but the two ended up back on their feet. Covington continued to push the pace and was showing himself to be game in the striking as the round came to a close.
Round 3, Colby continued to pressure Masvidal and ended up taking down Masvidal and working from full guard. Colby continued to reign damage from Masvidal’s guard. Some scramble ensued but Covington never lost control on the mat. With 10 seconds left Masvidal got to his feet and got a couple of good shots in. 10-9 Covington arguably 10-8.
Round 4, and a good back and forth exchange with a couple of unsuccessful takedown attempts. Colby was showing some serious damage to his left thigh. Covington opened up with a flurry on Masvidal. Masvidal then hit Covington with a big shot that dropped him to his knees but did not follow up with anything and it appeared Covington was able to recover. The round came to a close with more back and forth from both fighters. This was a hard round to score but with the knockdown, I give it 10-9 Masvidal.
Round 5, both fighters seem a little weary but it was Covington who came out with a flurry which ended in a takedown. Again, Covington worked the choke from Masvidal’s back. Masvidal kept his chin tucked and never seemed to be in any real danger from a submission. Colby continued to drag Masvidal around the cage while he worked for an opening. Covington peppered Masvidal and ended the fight reigning down blows on Masvidal. I had this round 10-8 Covington.
The final decision came unanimously for Colby Covington and there appears to still be no love between these two.





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