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UFC 156: Results

The live fights have come and gone and left very little wanting.  If you’re interested to know who came out on top of this Saturdays past UFC event then look no further.  Without further ado, here is your fight recap:


Jose ‘Junior’ Aldo vs Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar

Edgar started the round with a leg kick on Aldo early in the fight and the two traded exchanges.  A straight right from Aldo shortly followed leaving a painful look on Edgars face.  Aldo continues to fire off a stiff jab that nailed its mark on Edgar then Edgar answered with a rushed barrage of punches of his own that did not make contact.  The pace of the round remained high and it was Aldo who continued to establish the range with his jabs and finally landed a thundering leg kick.  Aldo fired another leg kick and followed it up with some punches and eventually ended the round with a head kick before the horn blew.  10-9 Aldo

The fighters touched gloves and began round 2 where the pace didn’t stammer at all.  It was Aldos reaching jab against Edgars punching barrages, but Edgar couldn’t seem to find his target.  Another takedown attempt came from Edgar but it was easily stuffed by the champion.  Aldo began finding a home for some punches at Edgars expense and Edgar attempted another takedown that was stuffed.  Aldo landed another thundering leg kick that nearly made Edgar drop but he fought through it.  Another leg kick came from Aldo and this one did drop Edgar who quickly bounces back and the two continued to exchange.  Edgar began to get more aggressive and Aldo made him pay for it with a flying knee that forced Edgar to clinch.  They separated and it was Edgar with a big right hand and a trip that dropped Aldo.  Frankie attempted to jump on him but Aldo got to his feet quickly and the jabs began to find their mark again.  The horn blows and it’s a 10-9 Aldo round

Round 3 opened with another Aldo leg kick that made Edgar wince.  Edgar recovered but ate a straight right from Aldo.  The two began to have another back and forth exchange that continued until Edgar ate a front kick to the face that opened Edgar up, but they remained on their feet exchanging.  The power and accuracy of these fighters began to become apparent by the presence of marks appearing on Edgars face.  Frankie answered back with a couple of leg kicks of his own and the two continued to go back and forth at each other.  Edgars punches began to find their mark then Edgar dove for another takedown but Aldo easily shrugged it off.  As the round came to close Aldo appeared to have slowed considerably.  10-9 Aldo but arguments could be made for both.

Round 4 and Aldo started to establish the jab.  Frankie answered with a leg kick and the two mixed it up.  An Aldo spinning side kick found the gut of Edgar but he appeared to not be phased by it.  Edgar continued to use his strikes to close the distance but Aldo skillfully avoided too much punishment.  Edgar went for a big takedown attempt and Aldo barely managed to fend off Edgar but it was Edgar who scored on the separation.  Edgar appeared to be the fresher fighter as he kept up the onslaught.  Edgar managed to get Aldos back and slammed Jose Aldo’s stomach to the mat.  Aldo quickly stood up but Edgar stayed on his back and landed a couple of knees before they separated.  The two got back at it and Aldo began breathing very heavily out of his mouth.  Light exchanges finished off the round.  10-9 Edgar

Round 5 started and Edgar was looking the more battered of the two fighters but it was Edgar who came out with a sense of urgency that made it appear he could see the judges scorecards from his stool.  The two continued to mix it up with both fighters not taking a moment’s pause.  Edgar went for his first takedown attempt of the round but Aldo was able to easily stop it.  Edgar appeared to be controlling the center of the octagon and being the faster paced fighter.  Edgar stalked Aldo around the octagon finding moments to score in his exchanges.  Another inside leg kick landed for Edgar and Aldo answered with a left right combination that staggered the challenger.  Frankie answered with a decent combo of his own and the fighters continued to wage war.  Edgar continued to stalk Aldo and the two continued to exchange rather evenly.  10 seconds left in the fight and Aldo landed a flush, superman punch off the cage before the horn sounded ending the fight.  10-9 Edgar

49-46, 49-46 and 48-47 were the judges scores, all for the champion Jose Aldo

Co-Main Event

Rashad ‘Suga’ Evans vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

The fight started and both men began feeling each other out.  About two minutes into the round Nogueira began to find his pace and landed some heavy punches on his opponent.  Another minute passed before Rashad found his answer with a heavy right hook of his own.  With less than a minute left in the round Rashad took Nogueira down but couldn’t hold him there as Nogueira stood back up.  The horn blew and both fighters headed back to their corners.  This is a tough round to score but I gave it to Nogueira 10-9.

Round 2 began with both fighters pawing at one another until Nogueira began to turn up the heat and both fighters began to throw more strikes.  About a minute into the round Nogueira began to dominate the center of the octagon and started to land the better of the exchanges.  The round continued as a back and forth exchange on the feet before Rashad went for a takedown only to find himself stuffed.  The round ended with a  high kick from Rashad that was blocked.  Another tough round but again I gave it to Nogueira 10-9 due in large to the amount of strikes landed.

Round 3 started off with both men still seemingly committed to exchanging on the feet solely.  A couple of minutes into the round and Nogueira suffered an eye poke and the doctor was called in to examine Nogueira who he cleared and the round began again.  The rest of the round played out with more exchanges and punches being thrown to the end.  Again I had this round 10-9 Nogueira

Official decision is 29-28 for Nogueira

Alistair ‘The Reem’ Overeem vs Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

Alistair ‘The Reem’ Overeem came out ready to put in work against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva by immediately controlling the center of the octagon and scoring with big knees and punches.  The entire round it seems as though Alistair had no regard for Silva’s punching power as he left his hands down and his chin up.  The round ended and it was clearly a 10-9 Overeem round.

Round 2 began and although Silva seemed to be letting his hands go a little more it was still Overeem who controlled the octagon.  In less than a minute into the round Overeem took Silva down and started working from Silva’s guard.  After landing some impressive ground and pound for the majority of the round Overeem stepped up and away from Silva and the ref stood both fighters up where Silva found his first, albeit brief, success in the fight. 10-9 Overeem

Round three began with a clinch and a sudden onslaught from Bigfoot Silva where a barrage of punches now made Overeem’s lack of guard a huge liability.  Bigfoot threw everything at him landing  at least a dozen punches and Overeem got his lights turned out early in third round.  Bigfoot, winner by TKO @ 25 seconds of round 3.

Demian Maia vs Jon Fitch

Round 1 began and immediately the tone of the fight was set.  Demian Maia took Jon Fitch down and controlled Fitch with a mixture of wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.  The majority of the first two rounds was all Maia working submissions and Fitch defending them.  Halfway through the third round though Jon Fitch found a couple of opportunities that opened up for him but he never did score much or put Maia in a very compromising situation.  After three rounds all three judges gave it to Demian Maia 30-27.

Joseph Benavidez vs Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall

Joseph Benavidez really came out with a fast pace against Ian (Uncle Creepy) McCall landing a lot of significant strikes in the first round.  The second round seemed to be more of the same, though Ian McCall did seem to turn up the pace and dominated the last one and half minutes of the round.  The third round Benavidez was ready to stick a fork in the fight and a Benavidez right hand had McCall shook.  The fight was a little more back and forth until the horn sounded.

The judges scored the fight 29-28 all three favoring Benavidez

Live on FX

Gleison Tibau lost to Evan Dunham by decision

Tyron ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley earned a KO against Jay ‘The Thoroughbred’ Hieron

Jacob ‘Christmas’ Volkmann lost by submission to Bobby ‘King’ Green by way of rear naked choke

Yves Edwards lost a split decision to Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Live on Facebook

Chico ‘The King’ Camus was submitted by Dustin ‘The Diamond’ Kimura in the third round winning his debut.

Edwin ‘El Feroz’ Figueroa was stopped by strikes from Francisco ‘Cisco’ Rivera making it a TKO victory in round 2


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