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UFC 150 Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar: Press Conference and Poll

It looks like the UFC is ready to kick off a rematch at UFC 150 on Saturday, August 11, 2012 7pm/10pm PT/ET from Denver, CO at the Pepsi Center.  Along with the  Henderson vs Edgar title fight rematch the card is pretty well stacked, including a co-main event bout between Jake Shields (27-6-1) and Ed Herman (20-7-0) to determine who moves into title contention in the middleweight division.  The kickoff press conference, for UFC 150, is posted below.


One response to “UFC 150 Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar: Press Conference and Poll”

  1. Scofia Avatar

    Deserves it??? One fight after a loss that he was doped up on and he deserves a shot? Oh wait I foorgt he beat up on Anderson Silva for 4.5 rounds, oh wait Dana foorgt Anderson Silva had bad ribs that make it hard to move let alone train and be 100%, oh wait again Dana foorgt that Chael was all doped up prior to his fight so he could get extra training in and have more strength during the fight, oh wait everyone forgets that a beat down when on roids (TRT is a form of roids) is a roid beat down, and it doesn’t mean it was a real honest beat down. Deserves a shot my butt!

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