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UFC 148 Silva vs Sonnen II: Results and Post Fight Press Conference

The UFC 148 Silva vs Sonnen II has concluded and the winners have been decided.  If you didn’t manage to catch the fight then you missed a pretty impressive broadcast.  The main event and co-main event of the evening were extremely impressive with the co-main event, Forest Griffin vs Tito Ortiz, earning the fight of the night bonus.  It was the impressive way that Anderson Silva ended the rivalry between Chael Sonnen and himself that showed this champions true heart.  The conference starts at 11:28.

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Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva (30-4-0) took out Chael Sonnen (28-12-1) in round 2 by way of TKO after weathering a difficult 1st round.

Forest Griffin (19-7-0) got the unanimous nod to beat Tito ‘The People’s Champ’ Ortiz (17-11-1) and then ran out of the octagon like a loon thinking he lost.  Then took Joe Rogan’s microphone and did Tito’s final exit interview.  If it would have been anyone else maybe we could hold a grudge…

Cung Le (8-2-0) won the unanimous decision against Patrick ‘The Predator’ Cote (18-8-0) proving that 40 isn’t too old for the sport, in a slugfest that saw very little time on the mat.

Dong ‘Stun Gun’ Hyun Kim (15-2-1, 1nc) was beat by Demian Maia (16-4-0) or maybe just karma, when Demian took Kim down and some injury caused Dong Hyung Kim to verbally submit.  We’ll look into this one more.

Chad ‘Money’ Mendes (12-1-0) earned a TKO over Cody McKenzie (13-3-0) when he delivered a grueling body shot, after catching a kick, that dropped Cody for the night.

Ivan Menjivar (24-9-0) got out pointed by Mike ‘The Hulk’ Easton (13-1-0) in a 3 round fight where Easton just seemed to continually pick up steam.

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Melvin ‘The Young Assassin’ Guillard (47-11-3, 1nc) got the unanimous decision over Fabricio ‘Morango’ Camoes (13-7-1)

Gleison Tibau (34-8-0) lost a controversial decision against Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov (18-0-0) that caused a bit of an eyebrow raise

Constantinos ‘Costa’ Philippou (11-2-0, 1nc) earned a unanimous decision over Riki Fukuda (18-6-0)

John ‘The Natural’ Allesio (34-16-0) lost the decision against Shane Roller (11-6-0)

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Rafaello ‘Tractor’ Oliveira (15-5-0) earned a decision victory over Yoislandy ‘Cuba’ Izquierdo (6-2-0)


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