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UFC 158: Prefight Press Conference

With the reigning welterweight champion, GSP, having successfully recaptured his title, there’s no time to catch his breath. The next title defense for GSP is by way of Nick Diaz. These two have quite a history of trash talk and apparent bad blood between them. Below are some videos regarding the recent press conference, catch the press conference in its entirety with GSP and Nick Diaz below. This is a fight I personally can not wait to see.

Dana White gives his thoughts on the upcoming event, the future of the welterweight division and the future of the UFC and its partnership with Fox.

UFC 158: Press Conference GSP vs Nick Diaz

UFC 158 Sat Mar 16 live on Pay-Per-View and set in Canada, the welter weight belt will be contested by Nick Diaz.  The fight which was the buzz of the MMA world, back before Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz fought for the right to call themselves the #1 contender, is back in effect and mma fans couldn’t be happier.  Below is a video, from a UFC prefight press conference, where both fighters give their views about the upcoming bout.

What was with Nick Diaz’s comment on Canadian steroid testing all about anyway?