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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Dana White’s Interview about Rampage

In a recent interview Dana White tells Inside MMA correspondent Ron Kruck all about his relationship with Rampage Jackson.  At one point Dana goes as far to say, “If Rampage Jackson is unhappy here and hates working here or whatever the situation is then he should go somewhere where he’s happy.”  Dana White goes on to state that he thinks Rampage is handling the media poorly and being a roller coaster.  With all that being stated The UFC President admits that Rampage is an MMA icon and wherever Rampage goes he’ll be happy for him.  Check out the entire interview posted by HDNetFights:

‘Rampage’ Jackson Vs Shogun Rua in Jackson’s Last UFC Fight

This past week has had a lot of news centered around UFC fighter ‘Rampage’ Jackson (32-10-0).  Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson made headlines when he publicly announced his wishes to leave the UFC organization if they believed him to have lost his appeal.  In an interview, with Bas Reuten on HDNet this past Monday, Rampage had this to say:

I don’t want to fight for the UFC anymore. Fans don’t understand. They think just because I make a lot of money that I should be happy because I’ve got a nice house. But I’ve always stated that I fight for money because that’s my career,” Rampage stated. “The thing is, the UFC knew I was injured [training for UFC 144], and they knew I still fought for them. Honestly, I feel like if I didn’t fight on that card in Japan I don’t think the appeal would have been as big. I feel like if I would have pulled out with an injury, I don’t think they would have done as well in Japan as they did.

The always colorful ‘Rampage’ Jackson went to discuss his match up with Ryan Bader (14-2-0), at UFC 144.  On the topic of Bader Jackson had this to say:

I didn’t like the opponent that they were giving me. I think Joe Silva needs to be slapped in the face. I’m sorry, but if you’ve got a fighter like me who likes to go out and put on fights, why are you gonna give me wrestlers who are gonna take me down and hump me?  I think that the UFC should say thank you to Rampage. This is my first time ever not making weight. They could tell that something was wrong. In my whole career I’ve always been respectful to everybody and made weight,” Jackson said. “Why would I want to give 20 percent of my purse for not making weight?

Rampage continued the interview revealing that he was starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy to battle a doctor diagnosed deficiency.  At the end of his interview he restated his desire to leave the UFC stating this:

After [UFC 144] I was like, ‘I’m not putting my life on the line for these guys no more.’ They know what’s going on, but they’re still trying to make me look bad. They’re trying to make me lose my fan base. I don’t want to be part of the UFC. If Dana doesn’t want me to be bigger than the UFC, then let me go. If they feel like I lost my appeal, then let me go.

Just days following the interview it seemed that Jackson was going to get his chance to regain some of the appeal that he may have lost, coming off a loss at UFC 144.  The UFC reported that Jackson will fight, former fellow Pride Fighter, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua at an undisclosed time in 2012.  Now, only days after the UFC announcement, Jackson reveals that he must first undergo knee surgery on both his knees prior to meeting Rua in the octagon.  The knee injuries occured, according to the former UFC champion, during the match up with Jon Jones, current UFC champion, and in a sparring session in preparation for UFC 144, against Ryan Bader.  Jackson posted this on his Twitter account, “To keep it real, the ‘Shogun’ fight will have to wait, I just found out that I have to get surgery on both knees, but I heal fast. Don’t trip”

UFC 144 Results

It was a great night of fights at UFC 144 in Tokyo, Japan this weekend.  The main event was an astounding match up between two truly top competitors in the lightweight division.  Other notable match ups were also very exciting with some great knock outs and excellent displays of skill.

We caught the fight at Buffalo Wild Wings, in Beaverton, Oregon, where we got the chance to meet up with Mike Pierce following his controversial decision loss to Josh Koshcheck at UFC 143.  Mike Pierce was as friendly a guy as I’ve ever met, signing autographs and taking photos with local Buffalo Wild Wings patrons.  The UFC promoted event handed out prizes between the fights and truly made it an enjoyable event for everyone in attendance.  Without further delay here are the results of UFC 144:

Tiequan Zhang (15-3) vs. Issei Tamura (7-2)

This fight was dominated by Tamura’s striking, and ended up being a decisive factor for Tamura, as he laid out Zhang with a powerful right hand in just :32 seconds of the second round.

Takeya Mizugaki (15-7-2) vs. Chris Cariaso (13-3)

This was a well paced fight, in the bantamweight class, in which Chris Cariaso squeaked out the unanimous decision 29-28

Riki Fukuda (18-5) vs. Steve Cantwell (7-6)

The Japanese combatant proved to be the more dominant fighter, in a three round bout that gave Fukuda the unanimous decision in an unquesionably dominant performance.

Norifumi“Kid” Yamamoto (18-6-1) vs. Vaughan Lee (12-7-1)

This fight was a serious competition of two men looking for a stoppage.  It was Lee, however, who proved to have a dominant Jiu Jitsu game and submitted Yamamoto by arm bar with less than a minute left in the first round.

Takanori Gomi (33-8-1) vs. Eiji Mitsuoka (18-8-2)

A great fight was put on by both these contestants as the first round is decidedly Mitsuoka.  The second round, however, was a different story as it looked like Mitsuoka is going to put on a repeat performance, early in the round.  Gomi began to pick up the pace though and started to land a lot of leather as Mitsuoka began to look fatigued.  The round eventually ended as Gomi delivered a number of right hands to Mitsuoka who eventually gets saved by Herb Dean, resulting in a TKO win for Gomi.

Anthony Pettis (15-2) vs. Joe Lauzon (21-7)

A quick fight, that started and ended with an impressive showing from the former WEC champion Anthony Pettis, made short work of Lauzon when a Pettis shin met with Lauzon jaw and sent the fighter dazed and confused as Pettis followed up with punches that effectively turned out the lights for Joe Lauzon in just over a minute of the first round.

Hatsu Hioki (26-4-2) vs. Bart Palaszewski (36-15)

Another impressive victory for our Japanese friends came by way of decision for Hioki, as he turned in a dominate first round and continued to do enough to win the judges unanimous decision.

Yushin Okami (26-7) vs. Tim Boetsch (15-4)

Another impressive showing by a Japanese fighter comes from Yushin Okami, who decisively outworks his opponent Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch for two rounds.  It was “The Barbarian”, however, who despite being overwhelmed by Okami, came back with a barrage of his own, earning the nickname, and ending the night for Okami with a series of upper cuts from the clinch, securing a TKO over the would be victor in under a minute of the third round.

Yoshihiro Akiyama (13-5-2) vs. Jake Shields (27-6-1)

This was a great match up between two very game opponents.  Jake Shields seemed to struggle with getting a take down during the fight and any success he had doing so was short-lived, as Akiyama would immediate regain his footing.  Shields managed to impress judges, nonetheless, using a much more active striking game and out landing his opponent giving him a unanimous victory.

Mark Hunt (8-7) vs.Cheick Kongo (17-7-2)

Right hands spelled an early night for Cheick Kongo, as his opponent dropped Kongo with a counter punch and allowed Cheick to get back to his feet before cornering him against the cage and turning on a barrage of right hands, the fourth of which resulted in Herb Dean stepping in.  These well placed punches resulted in a third straight win for Hunt and a TKO for the night.

Quinton“Rampage” Jackson (32-10) vs. Ryan Bader (14-2)

Ryan Bader managed to end his two fight losing streak.  It was an unexpected game plan watching Bader manage to stand toe to toe with “Rampage” giving better than he got in most exchanges.  Ryan proved to have a much better game plan when it came to mat work against Jackson as the majority of the third round kept Rampage on his back resulting in a unanimous decision for the younger fighter, Ryan Bader.

Frankie Edgar (14-2-1) vs. Benson Henderson (16-2)

It was an excellent main event as both fighter left nothing to be desired.  The striking exchanges were the story of this match as any takedowns didn’t last very long.  Edgar managed to catch quite a few of the kicks from Benson, but he was unable to do much with them as Benson made him pay for not keeping his guard up, landing punches on the much shorter opponent.  The fight continued leaving Edgar’s face a gnarled mess as Henderson looks ready to pose for many pictures at his after party.  All three judges scored the fight in favor of the new UFC lightweight champion, Benson Henderson.

UFC 144: Match ups

UFC 144 is right around the corner, and it provides some intriguing match ups for fight fans.  Get ready because we will be enjoying these match ups Saturday February, 25, 2012 at 7pm pst 10pm est:

Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar (14-1-1) defends his title against Benson ‘Smooth’ Henderson (15-2-0) for the lightweight title.

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson (32-9-0) looks to take out Ryan Bader (14-2-0) to see who elevates in the light heavyweight rankings.

Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt (7-7-0) takes on the always game Cheick Kongo (27-6-2) in a heavyweight bout.

Yoshihiro Akiyama (13-4-0, 2nc) against a difficult opponent in Jake Shields (26-6-1)

Yushin “Thunder” Okami (27-6-0) fights Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch (14-4-0) in a middleweight match.

Hatsu Hioki (25-4-2) will meet Bart “Bartimus” Palaszewski (34-13-0) for a featherweight fight.

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis (12-2-0) faces Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon (20-6-0) in a lightweight match.

Takanori “The Fireball Kid” Gomi (32-8-0, 1nc) meets Eiji Mitsuoka (18-7-2) for another lightweight match.

Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto (18-5-0, 1nc) will fight Vaughan Lee (11-7-1) in a Bantamweight match.

Riki Fukuda (17-5-0) meets Steve “Robot” Cantwell (7-5-0) in a middleweight bout.

Takeya Mizugaki (15-6-2) will meet Chris “Kamikaze” Cariaso (12-3-0) for another Bantamweight match.

Tiequan “The Wolf” Zhang (18-2-0) vs Issei Tamura (6-2-0) in a featherweight match.

It looks as if UFC has some great matches set for the evening so be sure to tune in live on Pay-Per-View.

Jon Jones to Defend his Title Vs Rampage Jackson at UFC 135

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Getting excited for the upcoming UFC 135 on Sept 24th.  Who will prevail?