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The MMA Beatdown

The Beatdown is Back!!

A recent change in life events has left the Beatdown without a voice but that time has come and gone.  With the recent cancellation of UFC 151 happening, due to an injury to challenger Dan Henderson, there has not been a tremendous amount of mma news to play catch up with, however, Strikeforce had an impressive card where Tate submitted her challenger via Rousey signature armbar and Rousey improved her record with a 1st round Kaufmann submission by the same signature move.

Moving forward you can expect more updates on The MMA Beatdown as well as more fighter bio’s and more local events at the pacific northwest.  FCC will be the focus moving forward on this websites local fight scene but it will not compromise our coverage of the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator.  We’ve also been kicking around the idea of incorporating our members to be able to choose winners in some of the bigger fight cards to come.  It’s still in the early stages of development but those are the kinds of changes that you can expect to place here at The Beatdown!

‘King Mo’ Lawal gets to the bottom of steroid test

Light heavyweight Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal was the topic of a post that stated that the fighter tested positive for a steroid named Drostanolone.  Immediately following the release of this failed steroid test, by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, King MO denied having ever taken any steroid.

It appears that the culprit may be S Mass Lean Gainer, an over the counter sports supplement, that has an agent in it that is a precursor to Drostanolone.  King Mo’s attorney sent a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission stating these facts and MMAjunkie.com states the letter has this to say,

“Ultimately an athlete is responsible for what he/she puts in their body, and Mr. Lawal’s intent is not to shift blame or find an excuse,” stated the letter, of which MMAjunkie.com(www.mmajunkie.com) obtained a copy. “His intent was to figure out for himself what may have caused this positive test so that he can make proper adjustments to his supplement list and avoid this nightmare in the future.”

According to King Mo, when asked for any substances the fighter has been taking, he stated that he was taking nothing.  According to an interview of King Mo by MMAjunkie.com,

This is my mistake not putting anything down, but I didn’t think anything of like my Dimetapp (over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine) and amino acids and stuff. It’s just general stuff. I should have, I guess. I’m still shocked from all this.

Apparently Kogan, King Mo’s attorney, will not be filing an appeal for the suspension that was already administered to the fighter.  They state that knowing these results prove King Mo’s innocence is enough for them at present.

This does bring up a good thought however.  How can fighters avoid having these problems in the future whenever a local vitamin store may be housing many products with a need for heavier regulation?