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PFL 8 2022 Results

PFL 8 2022 Results fan art

The second round of the playoffs has concluded on Saturday, August 13, 2022 from the Hulu Theatre in New York.

One of the biggest upsets happened when the main event fighters took to the stage and Taylor secured a 1st round TKO over the favored Rory MacDonald. The results will move Taylor forward to face Sadibou Sy, who defeated Carlos Leal on the same card.

The co-main event, Delija vs Ferreira, ended in similar fashion. The first round TKO Delija put on Ferreira will set him up to face fellow PFL 8 2022 contestant Matheus Scheffel who dispatched Juan Adams in the third round via TKO.

Here’s a video, courtesy of the PFL, with the highlights of the event. Below the highlight video are the remaining conclusions of the PFL 8 2022 results.

PFL 8 2022 Results

Main Event (aired on ESPN and ESPN+ at 9:00 PM ET)

Rory MacDonald #1 (23-10-1) vs Dilano Taylor (10-2-0) – welterweight semi final – Taylor by 1st round TKO

Ante Delija (22-5-0) vs Renan Ferreira (9-4-0, 1NC) – heavyweight semifinal – Delija by round 1 TKO

Matheus Scheffel (17-8-0) vs Juan Adams (10-5-0) – heavyweight semifinal – Scheffel by round 3 TKO

Sadibou Sy (12-6-2, 1NC) vs Carlos Leal (17-4-0) – welterweight bout – Sy by round 3 submission?

Nathan Kelly (6-2-0) vs Ben Ellis (4-2-0) – featherweight bout – Kelly by round 1 submission (rear-naked choke)

Prelims (aired at 7:00 PM ET on ESPN+)

Josh O’Connor (2-0-0) vs Emran Sakhizada (2-2-0) – lightweight bout – O’Connor by round 3 submission (rear-naked choke)

Mick Stanton (9-7-0) vs Marcin Wojcik (16-8-0) – light heavyweight – Wojick by round 1 submission (rear-naked choke)

Chris Mixan (4-0-0) vs Christian Stigenberg (3-2-0) – welterweight bout – Mixan by decision

Ronny Markes (18-10-0) vs Szymon Bajor (24-9-0) – heavyweight bout – Bajor by unanimous decision

Qualifiers (aired on ESPN+ at 4:30PM ET)

Lee Chadwick (29-16-1) vs Przemyslaw Mysiala (24-13-1) – light heavyweight bout – Chadwick by unanimous decision

Will Fleury (11-3-0) vs Anthony Salamone (7-1-0) – light heavyweight bout – Fleury by unanimous decision

Vojto Barborik (13-3-0) vs Radu Maxim (10-2-0) – lightweight bout – Maxim by submission (injury)

Mokhtar Benkacia (20-7-0, 1NC) vs Francesco Nuzzi (9-1-0, 1NC) – bantamweight bout –No contest (accidental eye poke)

That’s it for the first of the PFL 8 2022 results. Be sure to check back to The MMA Beatdown for our PFL News section to get updates on this and all the latest PFL events and results of the playoffs. The next round of playoffs continues on August 20, 2022 as the fighters make their way to London, England.

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