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PFL 2 Results, 2023 – Pacheco Struggles to a Victory

The PFL 2 results, 2023 have concluded live from the Theater at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, NV. The action aired live on ESPN+ on April 7, 2023. The co-main event stole the show on this one.

PFL 2 Main Event

Larissa Pacheco vs Julia Budd ended up going the distance. Pacheco was pushing the pace early in the fight with some heavy shots. Julia Budd was way more in this fight than anyone expected. She had some success on the ground despite having to fend off some submission attempts.

During the fight Kayla Harrison even suggested Larissa may be feeling the weight cut despite remaining competitive. However, at the end of the fight, Larissa Pacheco began to rain bombs with heavy body shots while in guard.

Finally, the fight went to the judges where Larissa Pacheco picked up the win and 3 points with her decision victory. The screen shot below, courtesy of the PFL, shows how undoubtedly close this bout actually was.

courtesy of PFL/ESPN+

PFL 2 Co-main Event

Bruno Cappelozza vs Matheus Scheffel was indeed a brief bout. The slightly favored Burno Cappeloza emphatically took the fight with a well placed overhand right which sat Matheus Scheffel down and Cappelozza was all over him. In the end it was Cappelozza winning by 1st round KO and banking 6pts in the PFL 2023 tournament.

PFL 2, 2023 co-main event results
courtesy of PFL/ESPN+

Ali Walsh had an impressive PFL debut and showed some impressive boxing and later good wrestling defense for an amateur. Being the grandson of Muhammad Ali, pressure is evidently a way of life for this fighter. Undoubtedly a promising future, and anticipation to see his development as a fighter remains large.

PFL 2, 2023 Ali Walsh debut
courtesy of PFL/ESPN+

PFL 2 Results, 2023 (on ESPN+)

Larissa Pacheco (19-4-0), (-1150) vs Julia Budd (16-5-0), (+750) – women’s featherweight bout – Pacheco by decision (close fight +3pts)

Bruno Cappelozza (16-6-0), (-145) vs Matheus Scheffel (17-10-0), (+125) – heavyweight bout – Cappelozza by 1st round KO (+6pts)

Olena Kolesnyk (8-5-0, 1NC), (+360) vs Aspen Ladd (10-4-0), (-450) – women’s featherweight bout – Kolesnyk by split decision (close fight +3pts)

Ali Walsh (debut), () vs Isaiah Figueroa (debut), () – amateur lightweight bout – Walsh with a first round TKO

Renan Ferreira (9-5-0, 1NC), () vs Rizvan Kuniev (13-2-1), () – heavyweight bout – Kuniev by decision

Marcelo Nunes (9-2-0), (-255) vs Maurice Greene (11-7-0), (+215) – heavyweight bout – Greene by TKO

Danilo Marques (14-4-0), (+135) vs Yorgan De Castro (9-4-0), (-155) – heavyweight bout – Marques by decision

Martina Jindrova (6-4-0), (-240) vs Amber Leibrock (7-4-0), (+200) – women’s featherweight bout – Leibrock by 1st round KO

Evelyn Martins (5-0-0), (-165) vs Karolina Sobek (4-1-0), (+140) – women’s featherweight bout – Martins by unanimous decision

Marina Mokhnatkina (8-3-0), (-500) vs Yoko Higashi (8-8-0), (+400) – women’s featherweight bout – Mokhnatkina by 2nd round TKO (+5pts)

Here are the current women’s featherweight standings after this event.

Women's featherweight standings following PFL 2, 2023
courtesy of PFL/ESPN2

That’s a wrap for the PFL 2 results, 2023. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more of our PFL mma action (and we certainly hope you do), follow the link. Check back with us for PFL 3, 2023 and see who will continue the $1 million pursuit, headlined by Sadibou Sy and Jarrah Al Silawi.

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