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PFL 1 Fight Card, 2023

The PFL 1 fight card, 2023 is set for action from the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The event will air live on Saturday April 1, 2023 and can be viewed on Fubo Sports Network. This will be the night to kick off the 2023 PFL regular season. PFL 1 kicks off with two of last years champions heading the card.

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PFL 1 Main Event, 2023

Brendan Loughnane (25-4-0) will meet Marlon ‘Chico’ Moraes in a featherweight main event.

Loughnane won the PFL 2022 title last year, when he fought against Bubba Jenkins in the final. Undoubtedly, Loughnane had a tough road to the championship and he rose up to meet every challenge. He claims that injuries that plagued him last year are not present this year, and he feels good about his chances to reclaim the title and prize.

Marlon Mares is a veteran who was unable to compete in last years season. This fighter poses many problems for Loughnane. He has not lost in the PFL and will look to step in against the best in his first fight of the season.

These PFL veterans take each other on to headline the first fight card of the PFL regular season.

PFL 1 Co-main Event, 2023

In the co-main event, Robert Wilkinson (17-2-0) will welcome newcomer to the PFL Thiago Santos (22-11-0) in a light heavyweight matchup that consequently could be the best fight of the season.

Robert Wilkinson is last years champion and will likely pose a difficult task for Santos. In the 2022 PFL final Wilkinson fought a bloody battle against Omari Akhmedov. By the end of that fight Omari Akhmedov was a bloody mess. Robert Wilkinson was undoubtedly one of the most impressive, if not the most impressive fighter in the 2022 PFL season.

Thiago Santos says he’s excited to face off against Robert Wilkinson. Having lost a close split decision to Jon Jones, Santos has accordingly seen his share of adversity. Leaving the UFC while remaining in the top 10, he is up for some serious competition.

Regardless of the outcome, these two could still meet later in the finals, should the point system permit it. Regardless, this fight has the makings of a potential fight of the year.

This co-main event features last year’s 2022 winner vs a top 10 former UFC fighter.

Don’t forget, the long awaited rematch of rivals Bubba Jenkins vs Chris Wade will also be going down on this card. It looks like it is shaping up to be an awesome night of fights for the PFL.

PFL 1 Fight Card, 2023

Main Event (airing on Fubo Sports at 9:00 PM ET)

Brendan Loughnane (25-4-0), (-720) vs Marlon Moraes (23-11-1), (+520) – featherweight bout

Robert Wilkinson (17-2-0), (-190) vs Thiago Santos (22-11-0), (+160) – light heavyweight bout

Krysztof Jotko (24-6-0), (-350) vs Will Fleury (11-3-0), (+290) – light heavyweight bout

Movlid Khaybulaev (19-0-1, 1NC), (-660) vs Ryoji Kudo (11-4-1), (+490) – featherweight bout

Chris Wade (22-8-0), (-170) vs Bubba Jenkins (19-6-0), (+145) – featherweight bout

Marthin Hamlet (10-4-0), (-145) vs Mohammad Fakhreddine (15-4-0), (+125) – light heavyweight bout

Josh Silveira (9-1-0), (-560) vs Sam Kei (8-6-0), (+430) – light heavyweight bout

Alejandro Flores (21-4-0), (+200) vs Daniel Torres (14-5-0), (-240) – featherweight bout

Jo Sungbin (9-2-0), (-170) vs Jesus Pinedo (20-5-1), (+145) – featherweight bout

Delan Monte (9-3-0), (-190) vs Ty Flores (11-4-0), (+160) – light heavyweight bout

Cory Hendricks (9-5-0), (+115) vs Impa Kasanganay (11-3-0), (-135) – light heavyweight bout

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