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Nate Marquardt Signs with Strikeforce

It appears that Zuffa has signed Nate Marquardt to fight on their Strikeforce venue.  Nearly 8 months ago Nate “The Great” Marquardt was released from the UFC by Dana White, following the results of a pre-fight drug screen.  The drug screen revealed that Nate Marquardt had elevated levels of testosterone.  Nate claims the elevated levels came from a preexisting condition, that Nate fully disclosed to the athletic commission and the UFC, that causes a deficiency in testosterone hormone production.

Following a unanimous decision victory over Dan Miller, at UFC 128, Nate was scheduled to move to up in weight for a June 2011 welterweight debut.  The fighter had a pre-fight medical exam that showed that he had elevated levels of testosterone that Nate credits due to a testosterone treatment program that he was on due to his medical condition.  The NJSACB then stated that Nate would have to discontinue treatment for 8 weeks and then reexamine his testosterone levels.  The fighter did prove to be a candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy but he only had three weeks to bring his testosterone levels to normal.  In order to reach normal levels, by the fight deadline, Marquardt’s doctor implemented a more aggressive treatment program to reach the desired levels in such a short amount of time.  On the night of the weigh ins, however, Marquardt’s testosterone levels exceeded the allowable levels.

Dana White then publicly stated that Marquardt would not be allowed to fight in the UFC ever again.  Now it appears that the fighter will find a home at Strikeforce, and possibly win fans, and the UFC brass, back to his side, so that Nate “The Great” Marquardt can once again entertain fight fans the world over.





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