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Matt Hughes: Retiring and Accepting a New UFC Post

Dana White has offered Matt Hughes the new position of UFC Vice President of Athletic Development and Government Relations.  The UFC has decided to keep the very talented Hughes on the payroll much like they have with fighters like Chuck Liddell.  The hope is to keep these talented fighters around in order to act as an inspiration and mentor to many of the up and coming fighters looking to make a name for themselves in the sport.

Dana White starts the video off with high praise for the UFC hall of famer, in it he states, “There were always a few guys that I could count on and Matt Hughes was one of those guys.”

According to an article on MMA Weekly Matt Hughes is quoted saying, “I love this sport and the new position is the best way for me to stay in it moving forward. I look forward to using my experience in providing a perspective for both the UFC and the fighters.”

Either way Matt it was a privilege to watch your fight career and we wish you the best in your new position.  Check out the announcement videos below for more information.


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