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Jon Fitch, the First of Many UFC Cutbacks

The UFC has let go of one of their truly entertaining veterans, in the always exciting Jon Fitch.  According to an article at MMAWeekly the UFC President Dana White stated, “We have 470-something guys under contract,” The UFC President explained. “We have over 100 guys too many on the roster right now. The blood has not all been spilled yet.”  White went on to explain that Fitch’s best days have passed and he couldn’t justify the cost to keep him on the payroll.  Fitch, however, seemed to have little trouble securing a position with another MMA venue named World Series of Fighting.

It makes one wonder though, whether these recent cutbacks will play in the minds of fighters in future bouts.  Is it likely that prelims will become the sort of places where fighters not only compete to reach the top but also fight to keep their jobs?  Many questions abound for fighters and MMA fans alike but perhaps these cutbacks will trim the fat off of the organization and motivate combatants to new heights.

Check out the interview with Dana White posted by MMAWeekly,


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