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Is Anderson “The Spider” Silva the best pound for pound fighter?

The first subject of interest that the beatdown would like to discuss is about the arguably best pound for pound fighter Anderson “The Spider” Silva.  Is the man truly the greatest fighter ever?  With his recent win over Yushin “Thunder” Okami, by way of TKO in the second round of UFC 134, is Anderson truly the best to ever grace the octagon?

The easy answer is that it is too early to tell.  That answer should seem pretty logical when faced with the question of whether Anderson is fighting his opponent with his lethal striking, winning three rounds then running around the octagon, or getting beaten on by a dominating Chael Sonnen for four rounds before catching him in a triangle.  Admittedly that Chael Sonnen statement may sting, considering Anderson did still stop the fight and Chael did have some suspicious urine tests that resulted in a six month suspension from the UFC.  Still, until a contender for the best pound for pound fighter like Georges “Rush” St-Pierre is placed before him it is still unkown.

St-Pierre (22-2-0), has been on quite the unstoppable streak himself winning his last nine fights and having seven successful title defenses makes Georges an obvious candidate for best pound for pound fighter.

So why do people still overwhelmingly believe it’s Anderson?  Finishing fights has to be the true statement that a fighter dominates the cage.  It’s what the fans want and it puts any doubt out of everyone’s mind.  Georges’ fights have gone to decision five times in his last six bouts, whereas Anderson Silva (29-4-0) has only been to decision eight times in his entire career.  That being said have there been any controversial decisions on any of Georges fights?  He has dominated his opponents in all his title defenses but his first.  Having put on an MMA clinic to all his #1 competitors.

According to Yahoo! Sports and many other sources Dana White is announcing the bout to the public seeming to be making preparations.  As long as the bout does go through we will be one step closer to knowing who holds the crown for the best pound for pound.





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