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Dana White on NYE Incident with Spouse

Dana White on NYE fan art

The MMA Beatdown has no interest in using the tragedy of anyone to elevate ourselves. This is in part why we have avoided the topic of the UFC president and his spouse while celebrating this past New Years Eve. However, we are attempting to cover new stories in this sport that are impactful.

With that being said, Dana White has come out to address the media, after a TMZ interview that many felt was far too kind. None of this has much to do with the actual sport that we strive to elevate but many have voiced that they would like more than the TMZ interview and Dana White and the UFC have accommodated that request with the following press conference.

Barring any ground breaking news, this will likely be our only coverage on the topic as their family has some healing to do and we do not wish to interfere in the process regardless of any of our personal feelings. We do not condone abuse in any regard, and will leave it at that.

If you enjoyed this article and want to see more of our UFC News, follow the link and check back with us for the upcoming UFC Vegas 67 weigh ins this Friday. In the meantime, get ready for the first UFC event of the year on January 14, 2022 happening live from Las Vegas, NV.

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