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UFC Vegas 11: Covington vs Woodley (Results)

UFC Vegas 11: Covington vs Woodley results are in and it was a highly entertaining night. Not many fights went to the judges scorecards and quite a few didn’t make it out of the first round (one didn’t even make it past the first punch). Check below for the results of yet another feather in the UFC’s cap.


Tyson Nam vs Jerome Rivera – Bantamweight Bout – In the second round Tyson Nam countered an inside leg kick with a right hand that sent Rivera to the canvas. With some follow up ground and pound the referee saw enough and called the fight as a TKO win for Nam at :35 of round two.

Andre Ewell vs Irwin Rivera – Bantamweight Bout – These two put on a fast paced match throughout. Ewell landed some heavy shots in the first round but Rivera was was in no way down and out. The next two rounds continued a back and forth pace and the fight eventually went to the judges for a tough decision. Andre Ewell got his hand raised after a grueling three round match.

Journey Newson vs Randy CostaBantamweight Bout – This has to be a contender for performance of the night. In just :41 of round one Costa found a home for a round house head kick. Newson weaved away from a punch and into the kick which ended the fight. Costa beat the odds in a big way with his first round KO.

Derrick Minner vs TJ Laramine – Featherweight Bout – Again, making the odds makers look foolish, Derrick Minner came out in round one to win. After some quick back and forth Minner sunk in a guillotine choke that had Laramine tapping at :48 of round one. Another strong performance of the night contender.

Jessica-Rose Clark vs Sarah Alpar – Women’s Bantamweight Bout – The first round had Alpar really working for a takedown, which Clark defended while dishing out some dirty boxing to reward Alpar’s efforts. The first round ended with Clark on top in a grapple. Round two started with much of the same, when Alpar came out looking for a takedown and ate some more knees and elbows. Again, the round ended with Clark on the offensive with some excellent knees and elbows. Round three was all Clark, but a strange call from the referee separated the fighters due to a legal knee that hit Alpar as she was in route to sit. The referee then restarted the fight and Alpar took massive damage until the end of the fight, when another knee hit Alpar flush in the face and the referee had finally seen enough. Clark won by TKO at 4:10 of round three.

Mayra Bueno Silva vs Mara Romero Borella – Women’s Flyweight – Borella looked like she was going to dominate the fight from the start, when the two ended up on the mat. Borella sat in the full guard of Silva and she was hitting her with some big hammer fists. Silva staged a triangle choke and Borella seemed unconcerned and continued to work out of her guard. Seconds later, and Silva transitioned into an arm bar which had Borella tapping before tension was even applied. Silva took the win by armbar at 2:27 of round one.

Mirsad Bektic vs Damon JacksonFeatherweight Bout – Bektic came out on fire immediately securing a takedown against Jackson. A back of the head shot caused the referee to stand the fighters back up. They went back to the mat soon after and Bektic continued to control the action when Jackson put a nasty Kamura on Bektic that was deep but unsuccessful at forcing a tap. Round two started and a deep guillotine is put on Bektic which also ends unsuccessfully. Bektic continued to dominate the round with some serious ground control until the last ten seconds when Jackson ended the round on top. Round three began and after a minute into the round Jackson worked to get the guillotine again but this time he found success. Bektic tapped at 1:21 of round three due to guillotine choke.

Jordan Espinosa #13 vs David Dvorak #14 – Flyweight Bout – These two threw out the blistering pace you would expect from the flyweight division. It was David Dvorak, however, who improved his division status when this fight went to the judges scorecards after three rounds of intense action.

Main Card

Kevin Holland vs Darren Stewart – Middlewight Bout – These two started out looking for blood and throwing big shots through the first two rounds. At one point Stewart had a pretty deep guillotine choke secured but was unable to finish Holland. Darren Stewart ended the third round with some affective ground and pound but on the feet it appeared that Holland outworked Stewart and the judges must have agreed as it was Holland who won the split decision.

Mackenzie Dern vs Randa Markos – Women’s Strawweight Bout – Dern threw a big head kick which caught nothing but air and Markos, in her attempt to capitalize on the error, ended up jumping in and fighting in her guard. Markos continued to threaten from the ground and eventually she was able to secure an armbar. The bout ended at 3:44 in round one in devastating fashion.

Johnny Walker vs Ryan Spann – Light Heavyweight Bout – The fight started fast and was then slowed down with a clinch and shortly after they entered the middle of the octagon Spann landed some big shots which hurt dropped Walker and looked as if he was hurt. He recovered and both fighters wobbled each other with big punches thrown at the same time. Spann went in to capitalize on the moment but Walker had recovered and threw some big hammer fist strikes as Spann fought for the takedown. An elbow delivered from the same position rocked Spann and a few more unanswered hammer fists caused the referee to stop the fight. Winner by KO at 2:42 of round one was Walker.

Khamzat Chimaev vs Gerald Meerschaert – Middleweight Bout – Hopefully you didn’t blink or you may have missed the entire match. Chimaev came into this fight super psyched. Seventeen seconds after the fight started, and after just one connected punch, Meerschaert was seeing stars. Winner by KO at :17 of round one is the undefeated Khamzat Chimaev.

Donald Cerrone #14 vs Niko Price – Welterweight Bout – Niko started this match looking to finish early. A big right hand and some short elbows looked to be giving the Cowboy trouble early on. Halfway into the round Cerrone looked as if he was starting to settle in. Two unintentional eye pokes may have cost Niko the first round as the referee took a point for the offense. Round two, Price was working leg kicks and Cerrone looked as if he could write a book on how to check them. The two continued to stand and trade, with Price appearing to get the better of most of the exchanges. Round three, Price continued to be the aggressor. Cerrone attempted a take down that didn’t pan out. Back to the center of the octagon where 90% of this fight took place. A double eye poke gave the fighters a chance to regain their wind and Cerrone came in for another take down and threatened Nikos back but was unable to do much with it. The last 30 seconds of this fight and these two were going out with a bang swinging until the end. The judges ended up scoring one for Cerrone and the other two calling it even, giving this fight a draw.

Colby Covington #2 vs Tyron Woodley #5 – Welterweight Bout – This fight started off with a heavy feeling out phase until Colby shot for a takedown and landed it in Woodley’s full guard. Woodley weathered a small storm and took no damage while getting back to his feet. The two ended back up into a clinch, with Colby pressing Woodley into the fence, and Colby found a few more shots that made an impact.

Round 2 – Colby continued to control the center of the octagon with Woodley answering some of the shots. It looked like another round for Covington as he appeared to be the aggressor and got the better of the exchanges.

Round 3 – An accidental eye poke slowed the action as Woodley took quite a bit of time to recover. The fighters started again and the action picked up, with both fighters throwing heavy. The fighters then spent the remainder of the round clinched against the fence, with Covington doing the majority of the damage and likely winning another round.

Round 4 – Colby came out once again controlling the center of the octagon. They ended up against the fence and Covington took him down with a single. The fighters scrambled and Colby held the dominant position, peppering Woodley with some shots. Woodley started to show an opened cut under his right eye and Colby continued to dominate the ground game until the round came to an end. It appeared to be another round in the books for Covington.

Round 5 – More of the same, as Colby pressed the action and backed Woodley up. Colby pressed Woodley to the fence and went to slam Woodley with a single but Woodley appeared to minimize any damage from the takedown. A couple of seconds later and Woodley attempted a guillotine from his back, which Colby easily escaped and Woodley started shouting that he hurt his ribs causing the referee to stop the match. The official call is 1:19 of round 5 by TKO for Colby Covington.

Who Will Win UFC Fight Night Vegas 11?

A lot of hype is going on for the UFC Fight Night Vegas 11 main event. The event is scheduled to air on ESPN + this Saturday, September 19th at 7:00 pm CDT, with prelims starting at 4:00 pm CDT on ESPN +. The main event is #2 ranked Colby Covington vs #5 ranked Tyron Woodley in a Welterweight bout. There is no lack of bad blood between these two contenders and it is likely that the winner could get a shot at the division champ Kamaru Usman or the #1 contender Gilbert Burns soon.

The odds have yet to be announced but let’s hear what fans think first and we’ll add the odds as soon as they are available.

UFC Fight Night 33: Fight Card

The UFC is rolling full steam ahead with another big show airing on Fox Sports 1 this Friday night live from Brisbane, Queensland in Australia.  Let’s hope these fights don’t make it to decision.

Main card airing on Fox Sports 1 @ 9PM/6PM ET/PT

Mark ‘Super Samoan’ Hunt (9-8-0) vs Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva (18-5-0)

Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua (21-8-0) vs James Te Huna (18-6-0)

Ryan ‘Darth’ Bader (16-4-0) vs Anthony ‘The Hippo’ Perosh (14-7-0)

Pat ‘HD’ Barry (8-6-0) vs Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei (19-3-0)

Dylan ‘The Villain’ Andrews (18-5-0) vs Clint ‘Headbussa’ Hester (8-3-0)

Julie ‘Fireball’ Kedzie (16-12-0) vs Bethe ‘Pitbull’ Correia (6-0-0)

Prelims Airing live on Fox Sports 2 @ 7PM/4PM ET/PT

Takeya Mizugaki (18-7-2) vs Nam Phan (18-12-0)

Nick ‘The Promise’ Ring (13-2-0) vs Caio ‘Hellboy’ Magalhaes (6-1-0)

Richie ‘ Vas’ Vaculik (9-1-0) vs Justin ‘Tank’ Scoggins (5-0-0)

Bruno ‘Carioca’ Santos (13-0-0) vs Krzysztof Jotko (13-0-0)

Online Prelims airing @ 6:30PM/3:30PM ETPT

Ben ‘Manima’ Wall (6-0-1) vs Alex ‘The Dominican’ Garcia (10-1-0)

UFC Drops Lavar Johnson after 9 Month Suspension

Lavar Johnson tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and epitestosterone following his UFC 157 loss to Brendan Schaub, according to the California State Athletic Commission.  It appeared that even when receiving the benefit of modern medical advances Johnson was still no match for Schuab’s determined takedown advances.

The California State Athletic Commission believed that a 9 month layoff would be adequate punishment for Lavar Johnson but Dana White and the UFC decided they would no longer require the talents of Mr Lavar Johnson.

Johnson could not have had worse timing for this event.  The UFC has recently announced serious cutbacks from its enormous, current roster.  Add that fact to the fact that Lavar Johnson is 2-4 from his last 6 fights and that makes for one very expendable MMA fighter.

Perhaps Lavar will find success in another venue and make his comeback into the UFC but for now we wish him luck at his new endeavors.

UFC 158 GSP vs Diaz : Results

What a night of fights the UFC put on this Saturday March 16, 2013.  If you just want to skip all the play by play action scroll down to the bottom to find all the fight outcomes.  Trust me when I tell you, though, these fights didn’t lack in excitement to be sure.

Main Card Live on Pay-per View
Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz (Play by Play)

R1 – The two rush to the center of the octagon and the champ hits a leg kick Diaz answers with a  few punches and Georges takes Nick down where Nick starts to meet the business end of a GSP elbow.  Georges continues to hold the dominant position peppering Diaz the entire time Georges transitions seemingly at will.  Nick attempts to get up but Georges holds him down and even spikes him on his head at one point.  GSP continues to work Diaz flipping him over at will and punishing him with punches at every opportunity.  GSP’s ground and pound continues to work on Diaz’s face as Diaz tries desperately to get to his feet but GSP is having none of it.  Georges moves Diaz from the fence and finally finds his back where he chokes him for a moment until Nick finally finds his feet.  Georges never gives him space and soon has him in a clinch where he finally dumps Diaz on his head again.  Georges starts to get back to work but the horn sounds the end of the round.

R2 – The begin again as Georges holds the center of the octagon and they begin to exchange light leg kicks and jabs. Georges begins  to exchange with Diaz and then shoots in on him and takes Diaz down in one swoop.  Diaz begins to look like he’s having a relapse of round one eating some big shots and doing little in return.  GSP works through Diaz’s guard and holds him in side control.  Georges continues to pepper Diaz with ground and pound shots and Diaz transitions from butterfly guard to full guard with Georges holding him down easily and making him pay.  Diaz finally finds his footing with a minute left in the round and Georges exchanges with him.  Georges lands a nice superman punch and the two continue to attempt to land until the horn sounds.

R3 – The Fighters rush out and it’s Rush jumping up and landing a head kick he continues to land bombs on Diaz’s face as the fighter taunts the champion.  The two stay engaged on their feet and it’s Georges getting the better until he takes Diaz down to the ground where Diaz crawls over to the cage and walks up.  GSP keeps lighting up Diaz with his jab and Diaz answers with a body punch of his own.  The two stay on their feet still where GSP finds the most success on the feet.  Georges went for a takedown and was stopped again by Diaz.  Georges hits Diaz with a straight right and Diaz starts with some pretty good punches of his own.  Diaz starts to pour it on at the final minute of the round it looks like Georges is cut at the bridge of his nose.  Georges takes Diaz down where he holds him there and begins to do some work and the two scramble to the bell and then Diaz swings at Georges after the bell and ref stopped the round.

R4 – Both men hit the center and it’s GSP with a leg kick to start it off.  The two start some boxing and GSP looks as if he will be ignoring his corners advice to take the fight to the ground.  Finally Georges shoots and it’s stuffed by Diaz.  Georges continues to land some big shots.  Georges continues to land first and then goes for a takedown that is stopped again by Diaz.  The two end up in a clinch and Diaz puts together some good dirty boxing that breaks the clinch.  Diaz begins pacing away from GSP with his hands down and the champ is on him and eventually gets the takedown he’s tried so often.  GSP stacks Diaz up punches him.  Diaz finds his way over to the cage and walks himself up it when GSP slams him back to the mat.  The make it back to the cage again where Diaz walks up but Georges pulls him down again.  Diaz tried to roll up a leg lock and the two ended up in an odd position as the horn sounded.

R5 – The men are back at the center of the octagon and Diaz begins letting his hands fly until he meets some GSP resistance in a couple left jabs.  The two clinch and it’s Georges and Diaz exchanging some knees to the body until they separate then Diaz tries a kick but times it poorly and GSP is on top of him in side control.  Diaz continues to roll and Georges stays right on top of him punching him whenever possible.  Diaz tries an arm bar and the two stand up again where the continue to exchange in a clinch.  It’s Diaz as the busier man in the clinch and they soon separate.  GSP once again shoots in for a double on Diaz and succeeds where he punishes Diaz from his guard until the end of the round.

All three judges score the fight 50-45 for the Champion Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre

post fight interview has Diaz ready to retire, once again, this being his second UFC loss in a row.

Carlos ‘Natural Born Killer’ Condit vs Johny ‘Bigg Rigg’ Hendricks (Play by Play)

R1 – Johnny comes out blasting and picks up and drops Condit then walks off and lets him back up.  More bombs from Hendricks find Condit and Hendricks takes Condit down.  Condit works off his back and starts to hit Hendricks with some good elbows.  The fighters are back to their feet and Condit began to fire off some punches when Hendricks scored a takedown that Condit eventually gets out of.  Condit found Hendricks back after a mad scramble and breaks off with a front kick to the face then they go at it to the sound of the horn.

R2 – Both fighters came out throwing bombs in the second.  Carlos found some nice kicks and knees to Hendricks and Johnny throwing some heavy bombs.  The two keep it on the feet until Hendricks rushed in and scored a takedown that landed Carlos against the fence.  Carlos continued to land from his back and got back to his feet where he continued to meet a barrage of punches from Carlos Condit.  Hendricks dug in for another double and scored taking Condit back down but he’s quick to recover and lands a head kick and Hendricks answers.  Carlos again lands a nice jab cross which Hendricks thanks with another takedown that puts Condit back on his back once again.  the two struggle for position but Condit gets back to his feet where he turns on the heat again.  it’s Condit keeping the pace on the feet with many more punches being thrown but once he’s in too close to Hendricks he’s back on his back.  Condit gets to his feet again and he chases Hendricks until he hears the sound of the horn.

R3 – The crowd gets psyched for the beginning of the round and the two fighters meet in the center of the octagon with bad intentions.  Condit takes a head kick which misses then it’s Hendricks with some bombs to answer.  Again Hendricks secures another takedown attempt and Condit is fighting from half guard.  Hendricks punishes the body and Carlos is using elbows from his back and struggles to, and finds, full guard.  Carlos begins to work a kamura and then he jumps to his feet.  Condit lands some big shots and Hendricks answers with some big shots of his own.  Hendricks rushes in and grabs Condit with another double and after eating a couple of shots completes the takedown.  Carlos continues to fight off his back when Hendricks decides to let him up and then Condit finds a big shot that wobbled Johnny and Johnny clinches but doesn’t hold on for long.  Carlos continues to walk down Hendricks and Hendricks secures another takedown.  Carlos is able to quickly get back to his feet and makes Johnny pay with some big shots but Hendricks secures another takedown and Carlos is able to roll out of it and gets back to his feet where the two slug it out to the end of the round.  What a fight.

Hendricks takes it by unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28

 Jake ‘The Juggernaut’ Ellenberger vs Nate ‘The Great’ Marquardt

Jake ‘The Juggernaut’ Ellenberger  dropped the kind of bombs on Nate ‘The Great’ Marquardt that kept Nate from seeing the light of the second round.  A left right combination spelled lights out for Nate earning Jake Ellenberger the KO with two minutes left in round 1.

Nick ‘The Promise’ Ring vs Chris Camozzi

An early onslaught put on by Nick ‘The Promise’ Ring couldn’t earn him a decision over Chris Camozzi.  The first round was anyone’s guess as the fighters were in a feeling out process.   The second round was clearly 10-9 Ring as Ring clearly pushed the pace of the round and landed many combinations.  The third round, however, had to go to Camozzi when he turned on the urgency and paid Ring’s face back for all the prior punishment.  The judges gave the split decision to Camozzi.

Mike ‘The Martian’ Ricci vs Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher

Mike ‘The Martian’ Ricci defeated Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher when the fight went to the scorecards and the decision was reached a unanimous 30-27 for Ricci.  Though the judges may have shown all three rounds were run by Ricci that does not show how close his fight with Fletcher truly was.

Prelims (Live on FX)
Patrick ‘The Predator’ Cote vs Bobby ‘Vicious’ Voelker

Patrick ‘The Predator’ Cote edged out Bobby ‘Vicious’ Voelker in a back and forth brawl that truly could have gone either way.  Patrick really poured it on in the first round.  Voelker even managed to take Cote down only to be overwhelmed by Cote’s Jiu-Jitsu.  The second round truly could have gone to either fighter and Voelker earned the third when he took Cote down again but really controlled his opponent and worked a cut in the process.  The judges go 29-28 Cote

Antonio ‘Pato’ Carvalho vs Darren ‘The Damage’ Elkins

Antonio ‘Pato’ Carvalho got his head rocked pretty good, by Darren ‘The Damage’ Elkins, which resulted in a first round referee stop giving Elkins the TKO (which many considered early).

Dan Miller vs Jordan ‘Young Gun’ Mein

Dan Miller got outgunned by Jordan ‘Young Gun’ Mein at the end of the first round when Mein finished his debut with a TKO, the story of this fight was Mein’s very impressive jab.

John ‘The Bull’ Makdessi vs Daron ‘Detroit’ Cruickshank

John ‘The Bull’ Makdessi vs Daron ‘Detroit Superstar’ Cruickshank  resulted in a decision victory for Makdessi.

Prelims (Live on Facebook)
Rick ‘The Horror’ Story vs Quinn Mulhern

Rick ‘The Horror’ Story put down Quinn Mulhern for the night when he turned the lights out at 3:05 of round 1.

TJ Dillashaw vs Issei Tamura

TJ Dillashaw earned a KO and his third straight UFC fight when he stopped Issei Tamura early in the 2nd round with a big kick turned knee.

George Roop vs Reuben Duran

George Roop earned the decision victory over Reuben Duran in a difficult battle.

Straight Results

Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz – GSP winner by unanimous decision
Carlos ‘Natural Born Killer’ Condit vs Johny ‘Bigg Rigg’ Hendricks – Johny Hendricks winner by unanimous decision
Jake ‘The Juggernaut’ Ellenberger vs Nate ‘The Great’ Marquardt – Jake Ellenberger winner by KO/TKO in round 1
Nick ‘The Promise’ Ring vs Chris Camozzi – Camozzi winner by split decision
Mike ‘The Martian’ Ricci vs Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher – Ricci winner by unanimous decision.
Patrick ‘The Predator’ Cote vs Bobby ‘Vicious’ Voelker – Cote by unanimous decision.
Antonio ‘Pato’ Carvalho vs Darren ‘The Damage’ Elkins – Elkins by TKO in round 1
Dan Miller vs Jordan ‘Young Gun’ Mein – Mein by TKO in round 1
John ‘The Bull’ Makdessi vs Daron ‘Detroit’ Cruickshank – Unanimous decision for Makdessi
Rick ‘The Horror’ Story vs Quinn Mulhern – Story at 3:05 of round 1
TJ Dillashaw vs Issei Tamura – Dillashaw by way of 2nd round knockout
George Roop vs Reuben Duran – Roop by unanimous decision

Greg Jackson’s thoughts on UFC 158’s headliner, GSP vs Diaz

Sherdog caught up with trainer Greg Jackson this week to discuss the highly anticipated welterweight match of champion Georges St. Pierre vs challenger Nick Diaz at UFC 156 this Saturday March 16,2013.  The trainer had high praise for both fighters but feels that it is unlikely that the champion will play into Nick Diaz’s game.  According to a recent Sherdog article the legendary trainer, Greg Jackson, had this to say:

I don’t think so just because Georges is so smart,” Jackson told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. “I always say that, but I don’t know if people realize just how smart he really is. He understands the game extremely well. Even if he gets mad, he’ll be able to control it and keep his business his business. He’s incredibly smart, like off-the-charts smart. I think he’s going to be much too smart to fall for that.

Greg Jackson was also quick to note that Nick Diaz is also a very clever fighter that excels at imposing his will on opponents.  Sherdog goes on to quote Jackson saying,

Nick Diaz as a fighter, I really like him because he’s one of those few fighters that can almost always make somebody play his game,” Jackson said. “He does it in really smart ways. He’ll back you up against the fence and basically have a shootout that he’s probably going to win. If you take him down, you’ve got to deal with some really good ground skills. If you don’t engage that, he throws his arms up. He starts trying to punk you. He tries to attack your manhood so that you get mad at him, so that you do start playing that game. He’s really smart at what he does. He’s very, very clever, but as long as you stay away from those things, as long as you control those elements, you have a good chance of winning. It’s just dealing with that really, really smart pressure that he has that makes this fight interesting.

Up to the fight, I’m sure [St. Pierre] will be emotionally invested in it,” Jackson said. “I wouldn’t want to see Georges upset. I’ll put it that way. He’s a son of a gun even when he’s calm and rational. … I’ve worked with that guy for years, and if you got him really upset and he stays focused, that would be a very dangerous individual.

Check out the interview in its entirety on Sherdog, at this link, and don’t miss out on all the action this Saturday Mar. 12, 2013 live from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at 7pm/10pm PT/ET.  FX prelims air at 5pm/8pm PT/ET and Facebook prelims air at 3:35/6:35pm PT/ET.

Jon Fitch, the First of Many UFC Cutbacks

The UFC has let go of one of their truly entertaining veterans, in the always exciting Jon Fitch.  According to an article at MMAWeekly the UFC President Dana White stated, “We have 470-something guys under contract,” The UFC President explained. “We have over 100 guys too many on the roster right now. The blood has not all been spilled yet.”  White went on to explain that Fitch’s best days have passed and he couldn’t justify the cost to keep him on the payroll.  Fitch, however, seemed to have little trouble securing a position with another MMA venue named World Series of Fighting.

It makes one wonder though, whether these recent cutbacks will play in the minds of fighters in future bouts.  Is it likely that prelims will become the sort of places where fighters not only compete to reach the top but also fight to keep their jobs?  Many questions abound for fighters and MMA fans alike but perhaps these cutbacks will trim the fat off of the organization and motivate combatants to new heights.

Check out the interview with Dana White posted by MMAWeekly,

Dana White’s Interview about Rampage

In a recent interview Dana White tells Inside MMA correspondent Ron Kruck all about his relationship with Rampage Jackson.  At one point Dana goes as far to say, “If Rampage Jackson is unhappy here and hates working here or whatever the situation is then he should go somewhere where he’s happy.”  Dana White goes on to state that he thinks Rampage is handling the media poorly and being a roller coaster.  With all that being stated The UFC President admits that Rampage is an MMA icon and wherever Rampage goes he’ll be happy for him.  Check out the entire interview posted by HDNetFights:

UFC 152: Jones vs Belfort

So here it is, the new matchup of UFC Light Heavyweight Championship fight of Jon ‘Bones’ Jones vs Vitor Belfort.  Is this the kind of matchup that quenches the thirst of MMA fans after the disappointing news that Dan Henderson would not be capable of fighting for the belt earlier this month?  Or should a fighter like Lyoto Machida be next to battle the champ, who is now fighting a man who recently defeated the scale tipping Anthony Johnson.  As exciting as this fight is for many mma fans many can’t help but to feel a little disappointed to see Dan Henderson forced to the side after sustaining a partial tear of the medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

These injuries constantly plague our sport but the reason this one was different is because it didn’t result in a substitution of a fighter, it instead resulted in the UFC’s first ever card cancellation.  The UFC will now promote UFC 152 and completely erase the company’s UFC 151 promotion.  Depending on who you ask you may find that several people are pointing the finger toward different individuals but the truth is that this sport finds itself at the mercy of these injuries and last minute evacuations from the fight cards.

When the UFC first learned the news, that Henderson was out, a call was made to Chael Sonnen who jumped at the chance to fight for the UFC Light-Heavyweight championship, Jon Jones, however, had different plans. Chael Sonnen, who recently lost his second title fight against middleweight belt holder Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, was extremely delighted at the news that he could have his second opportunity for a title fight in under three months.  Of course Chael Sonnen hopped at the opportunity to challenge the light heavyweight champion for his belt but what would champion Jon Jones gain in such a title defense.  It’s apparent that Chael Sonnen has had his virtues when it comes to fight promotion but would fighters really flock to another ppv event starring a fighter who lost a match that was quite possibly the most hyped fight in UFC history?  Chael Sonnen may well get his chance to challenge for the light heavyweight belt but he should definitely be put to the test in this division by some truly title contending fighters before being given a title opportunity.

Lorenzo Fertitta, a UFC fight promoter had this to say about offering Chael Sonnen the title shot, “When Chael stepped up, I thought we were good, I honestly never thought of the possibility that Jon wouldn’t fight.”  What would Jones have to gain from such a title defense?  If he loses he would lose to a fighter who just moved up to the division and lost twice to the middleweight champion Anderson Silva and if he wins it would have been expected.  It was Jones who stated that preparing for a fight with Dan Henderson was nothing like preparing for one for Chael Sonnen and that it would require more than the five days of training to make the appropriate adjustments.

It wasn’t until the UFC offered the fight to Vitor ‘The Phenom’ Belfort before the UFC finally had an opponent in place to face Jon ‘Bones’ Jones.  Extending the training camp to both Jones and Belfort seems to help make the competition even kilter for both combatants.  In response to questions arising to Fertitta in regards to Belfort getting the offer Fertitta stated “He replied to me in literally a minute, ‘I’m in, bro,’ “.  This was surely a relief to UFC brass who had been struggling with this card more than any other in recent memory.

In a quote posted on Yahoo! Sports Dana White can be seen stating,

“At the end of the day here, Jones should have fought. He had a full training camp and he would have been fighting a guy for the light heavyweight title who had just been knocked out six weeks ago in a middleweight title fight. Jones absolutely should have stepped up and taken the fight to avoid this. All of this is [controversy] because of him, not Lyoto.”

The article at Yahoo goes on to state that Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping had something to say on the matter as well, which hardly surprised us,

“I’ve taken short-notice fights for the UFC a bunch of times, three or four times,” he said. “I was told before weighing in for one fight that I was fighting again in six weeks. That wasn’t a nice telephone call to make to my girlfriend, who’d just booked a holiday with the kids, I can assure you. But the UFC has provided me with a great lifestyle and I’m here for them.

“Jon Jones likes to talk about where he comes from, but the reason he now has a Bentley to wrap around a tree is because Dana White and the UFC have built this sport up from zero. Dana and the company needed him and he basically bitched out.”

Some pretty impressive talk from a pretty impressive talker.  If he does manage to work his way into a title shot will his words be a motivator for the champ or will it cause Jones to fight with blinders on?  So far Jones has managed to rise above trash talk, see Rampage Jackson’s pre fight press for more on this, but this could be just the start of Michael Bisping slander campaign.

The Beatdown is Back!!

A recent change in life events has left the Beatdown without a voice but that time has come and gone.  With the recent cancellation of UFC 151 happening, due to an injury to challenger Dan Henderson, there has not been a tremendous amount of mma news to play catch up with, however, Strikeforce had an impressive card where Tate submitted her challenger via Rousey signature armbar and Rousey improved her record with a 1st round Kaufmann submission by the same signature move.

Moving forward you can expect more updates on The MMA Beatdown as well as more fighter bio’s and more local events at the pacific northwest.  FCC will be the focus moving forward on this websites local fight scene but it will not compromise our coverage of the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator.  We’ve also been kicking around the idea of incorporating our members to be able to choose winners in some of the bigger fight cards to come.  It’s still in the early stages of development but those are the kinds of changes that you can expect to place here at The Beatdown!