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Bellator 295 Results – Patchy Mix Steals the Show and the Grand Prix

Bellator 295 results have come down from Hawaii in a two part Hawaiian fight weekend hosted by Bellator. Bellator 295 went live on April 22, 2023 and aired live on Showtime with prelims starting at 7:55pm ET and the main card airing at 11:00pm ET.

Main event

Interim bantamweight champion Raufeon Stots took on #2 bantamweight Patchy Mix in a fight for title and $1 million prize in the world grand prix. The fight was to be Raufeon Stots second title defense. It was also the culmination of 2023’s Bellator World Grand Prix belt, the interim title and the payday, a lot was at stake.

round 1

The fighters came out to the center of the octagon. Stots started with a heavy leg kick and Patchy kept to boxing. They hit each other with some decent shots but at 3:40 of the very first round Patchy Mix threw a knee up the middle which connected and immediately turned off the lights for the interim champ. Patchy Mix by first round KO, new champion and Grand Prix winner.

Patchy Mix's KO knee to Raufeon Stots at Bellator 295
The million dollar knee
courtesy of Bellator/YouTube

Co-main event

In the co-main event Hawaiian native Ilima-Lei MacFarlane took on Kana Watanabe in a women’s flyweight bout.

Round 1

In the first round both women came out and seemed to skip any feeling out process. Watanabe controlled the center of the ring but both women were landing effective strikes. Watanabe closed the distance and pressured on the cage until she secured a takedown and immediately threatened with an arm bar. MacFarlane recognized the danger and escaped back to her feet. MacFarlane kept connecting with a 1, 2 combo and the round ended with Watanabe going for another submission until the bell. 10-9 MacFarlane (but it was very close).

Round 2

Watanabe immediately began to control the center of the octagon and worked some trips until she the fight to the ground. Not much happened from it as MacFarlane was continuously able to stand back up. Another Watanabe takedown and again she was unable to do any real damage from the top. MacFarlane got back to her feet but Watanabe drug her back down. With a minute left Watanabe found the most success on the ground working from MacFarlane’s guard until the bell. 10-9 Watanabe.

Kana Watanabe trips MacFarlane at Bellator 295
A slick takedown from Watanabe
courtesy of Bellator/YouTube
Round 3

They touched gloves and Watanabe took the center until she pushed MacFarlane to the cage. Another trip takedown from Watanabe but MacFarlane fought her way to her feet connecting punches on the way up. Watanabe caught her with another trip and was in side control. Watanabe then went to take her back and MacFarlane used the opportunity to stand back up. Under two minutes remained and MacFarlane was setting up strikes which Watanabe shot for a single in response. She was unable to secure the takedown and consequently ate some more punches which may have been the deciding factor. (10-9 MacFarlane again a super close round which could have gone either way).

Co-main event winner Ilima-Lei MacFarlane at Bellator 295
Ilima-Lei MacFarlane gets the win at Bellator 295
courtesy of Bellator/YouTube

Bellator 295 Results


  • Patchy Mix #2 (18-1-0) vs Raufeon Stots #ic (19-2-0) – bantamweight world grand prix – Mix by 1st round KO
  • Ilima-Lei MacFarlane (13-2-0) vs Kana Watanabe (11-2-1) – women’s flyweight bout – MacFarlane by split decision
  • Yancy Medeiros (17-8-0) vs Charlie Leary (17-14-1) – lightweight bout – Medeiros by round 1 submission (rear naked choke setup by punches)
  • Aaron Pico (11-4-0) vs James Gonzalez (9-6-0) – featherweight bout – Aaron Pico by unanimous decision


  • Bobby King (12-6-0) vs Aalon Cruz (11-4-0) – lightweight bout – Cruz by decision
  • Sumiko Inaba (6-0-0) vs Veta Arteaga (7-5-0) – women’s flyweight bout – Inaba by decision
  • Kai Kamaka III (11-5-1) vs Adli Edwards (9-3-0) – featherweight bout – Kamaka by decision
  • Mads Burnell (17-5-0) vs Justin Gonzales (14-2-0) – featherweight bout – Burnell by decision
  • Alexey Shurkevich (13-5-0) vs Masayuki Kikuiri (9-2-1) – welterweight bout – Kikuiri by KO
  • Ilara Joanne (11-7-0) vs Bruna Ellen (7-4-0) – women’s flyweight bout – Ellen by decision
  • Davion Franklin (6-1-0) vs Kasim Aras (7-2-0) – heavyweight bout – Franklin by decision

That wraps it up for the Bellator 295 results. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more of our Bellator News (and we certainly hope you do), follow the link. The next event Bellator has planned is for May 12 when Gegard Mousasi #1 takes on Fabian Edwards #2 in a middleweight bout.

courtesy of Bellator/YouTube

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