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Another Look in the Jon Jones and Rashad Evans Rivalry

There’s no mistaking that Jon Jones (15,1) vs Rashad Evans (17,1 and 1nc) has some bad blood behind the title fight scheduled this Saturday 4/21/2012.  The rivalry has been covered quite a bit by the press and other media.  However, much of what happened regarding the Greg Jackson camp still remains a bit of a mystery.

The following video was posted on youtube from our friends at mmaweekly and it will hopefully fill in any missing pieces to the Jones Evans rivalry.

Some thoughts being thrown around by many experts is whether Rashad is the best opponent that Jones has faced.  This sounds a bit strange as Jones beat Lyoto Machida (17-3), who took the belt from Evans, and took the belt from Shogun Rua (20,6).  These fighters may not be better than the current Rashad but saying that Rashad is better than both of these men seems to be reaching.  The bigger question facing Jon Jones and his camp is whether or not Rashad Evans is familiar enough with Jones to develop a winning strategy.  One trait Rashad does bring, to every fight he is in, is his ability to develop an incredible strategy.  In this sense Evans is up there with top MMA strategist Randy Couture.  It seems that even when Evans seems outmatched by his opponent he still seems to find a way to get that win.

Either way, don’t miss the fireworks set to go off this Saturday 4/21/2012 at 10pm est 7pm pst live on pay-per-view.





One response to “Another Look in the Jon Jones and Rashad Evans Rivalry”

  1. Mohd Avatar

    We will see an evans vs Jones .. And this is why. Does Rampage have KO power? yes..but he doesn’t find the target that much. Also he thorws short hooks Jones reach will keep him back. Plan on see JOnes picking apart rampage from the outside, and when rampage finally does get inside. he’ll probably get sweeped and tko’d from the top Face it very one Jones is way too big for this weight division he need to to step up to heavy weights .NOw what I want to happen is for rampage to break jones off Jones is very fake don’t think for one sec he’s a nice guy

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