UFC 141 Results

Well the headliner here is the overwhelming defeat of Brock Lesner vs Alistair Overeem with a tko at two minutes and twenty six seconds of the first round.  Lesner was seemed over matched in the striking department and attempted a couple of unsuccessful take down attempts that Overeem seemed to shrug off.  Upon stalking Lesner Overeem caught a nice jab that opened up his eyebrow early in the round.  A few knees to the body followed by a body kick seemed to take the rest of the wind from Lesners sails and he did not recover before the referee put a stop to the bout due to strikes.

Later, Lesner stated that he would be retiring from the octagon at his post fight interview.  There has been nothing else released about Brock Lesnar retiring from the UFC, from the man himself, but it appears that the UFC and the fans alike are the biggest benifactors from being able to see the great shows that he has been a part of.

We here at The MMA Beatdown wish you and yours the best in your future endeavors Brock and thank you for the entertainment that you have provided.

With that said the MMA world marches on and the upcoming title shot of Alistair Overeem vs the champ Junior Dos Santos is a bout that fight fans all around the world will be looking forward to.  Will Overeem prove his streak unbeatable or will Junior show the big man how his punching power stacks up to the test?

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