Overeem Charged with Battery

Just a few days after successfully debuting in the UFC, against opponent Brock Lesner (5-3-0), Alistair Overeem (36-11-0) was charged with one misdemeanor count of battery following an alleged push to a womans face on January 2, “causing her to stagger back”, according to police.

Overeem, the now number one contender in the UFC’s heavyweight division, maintains that he is innocent of any such battery charge.  Alistair Overeem has already hired an attorney in a David Chesnoff in order to represent him at any court hearings.  According to Chesnoff,

Alistair was not arrested, but was summoned to court.  There are two sides to this story and we intend on vigorously defending this. Alistair maintains his innocence.

If Alistair is proven guilty he could face fines up to $1,000 and up to six months jail time at the Clark County Detention Center.  A guilty verdict could end up causing delays to the championship match up, against Junior Dos Santos (14-1-0), later this year.

GSP, on the lookout for UFC 143

It looks as though things are starting back up for the UFC Welterweight champion, Georges ‘Rush’ St Pierre (22-2-0), where he recently posted a video to youtube stating that he’s looking forward to UFC 143 where Nick Diaz (26-7-0) will meet Carlos Condit (27-5-0) for the interim welterweight championship.  The winner of Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit will ultimately have to validate the title by facing off against GSP when he’s received the go ahead from his doctors.

It seems as though most fight fans are writing Carlos Condit off, as though he is just waiting to become a Nick Diaz highlight reel.  Nick Diaz has become a household name for many fight fans, but the fact is that Carlos Condit is a very game opponent for anyone in the welterweight division.  For fight fans not entirely familiar with Carlos Condit we have secured a short video of some of his fight footage, all rights belong to the UFC and ZUFFA for the following footage shown.

UFC on Fox 2: Results

This Saturdays fights have come and gone, leaving with them the anticipation of two title fights with arguably the largest rivalries in the UFC.  Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis was not exactly a barn burner, but the two got down to business and shortly after the start of the first round, Phil Davis (now 9-1-0), starting showing his inexperience compared to the former light heavyweight champion.

Rashad Evans (now 17-1-1) bested the challenger in every aspect of the fight.  Rashad landed considerable more strikes, being able to get inside of the taller Davis, completed 3 of his 4 take down attempts, and secured dominant positions over his opponent.  The only thing Rashad could have done to further his dominance would have been to stop the fight with a k.o. or submission.  All three judges scored the bout in favor of Evans.

This will now set up a chance for Evans to face his former team mate turned rival, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones (15-1-0), the champion of the Light Heavyweight division.  This rivalry has been covered at great lengths, and will be again considering the pending fight.  The rivalry seemed to develop when Jon Jones stepped ahead of Rashad Evans for a title shot versus Shogun Rua, after Rashad sustained an injury that prohibited him from competing.

The other rivalry match was left to us courtesy of a Chael Sonnen (27-11-1) victory over Michael Bisping (22-4-0) in a back and forth bout that ended with an arguably controversial decision.

The first two rounds of the fight were a bit of a grind with Chael Sonnen undoubtedly winning the third round.  The controversy comes into play when the first two rounds are looked upon closely and it is Michael Bisping landing more strikes, pinning Chael Sonnen against the fence and controling the action.  Chael Sonnen did secure take downs during these rounds but Bisping was able to immediately stand back up.

In the post fight interview Chael Sonnen’s character came to surface as he seemed more interested in entertaining the fans than recounting the fight.


Lavar Johnson (16-5-0) wins over Joey Beltran (13-7-0) by way of K.O.  Resulting in Beltrans forth loss in five fights.

Charles Oliveira (15-2-0) wins over Eric Wisely (19-7-0) by way of an excellent submission that looked like some kind of cross breed of a heel hook and figure four

Chris Weidman (8-0-0) wins over Demian Maia (15-4-0) by way of a long and rather boring stand up bout in which the fans were clearly not the winners.  Chris Weidman, in his defense, did take the fight with only 11 days notice, but Demian Maia’s entertainment value was put into serious question.

Season 6 Middleweight Matchups for Bellator Fighting Championship

The sixth-season of Bellator Fighting Championships is prepping itself to begin, starting with the announcements of the first quarter fights.  According to sources over at Sherdog.com:

Vitor Vianna vs Brian Rogers

Giva Santana vs Bruno Santos

Victor O’Donnell vs Vyacheslav Vasilevsky

Maiquel Falcao vs Norman Paraisy

Just click on any of the names to be taken to that fighters bio page where you can see their stats, rankings, and fight allegiances, all thanks to the hard work done at Sherdog.

‘King Mo’ Lawal gets to the bottom of steroid test

Light heavyweight Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal was the topic of a post that stated that the fighter tested positive for a steroid named Drostanolone.  Immediately following the release of this failed steroid test, by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, King MO denied having ever taken any steroid.

It appears that the culprit may be S Mass Lean Gainer, an over the counter sports supplement, that has an agent in it that is a precursor to Drostanolone.  King Mo’s attorney sent a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission stating these facts and MMAjunkie.com states the letter has this to say,

“Ultimately an athlete is responsible for what he/she puts in their body, and Mr. Lawal’s intent is not to shift blame or find an excuse,” stated the letter, of which MMAjunkie.com(www.mmajunkie.com) obtained a copy. “His intent was to figure out for himself what may have caused this positive test so that he can make proper adjustments to his supplement list and avoid this nightmare in the future.”

According to King Mo, when asked for any substances the fighter has been taking, he stated that he was taking nothing.  According to an interview of King Mo by MMAjunkie.com,

This is my mistake not putting anything down, but I didn’t think anything of like my Dimetapp (over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine) and amino acids and stuff. It’s just general stuff. I should have, I guess. I’m still shocked from all this.

Apparently Kogan, King Mo’s attorney, will not be filing an appeal for the suspension that was already administered to the fighter.  They state that knowing these results prove King Mo’s innocence is enough for them at present.

This does bring up a good thought however.  How can fighters avoid having these problems in the future whenever a local vitamin store may be housing many products with a need for heavier regulation?

UFC on Fox 2

It’s a big event coming free to Fox subscribers this Saturday night 1/28/2012.  Prelims air live on Fuel tv at 5pm est with the card continuing on Fox at 9pm est.  There are some great looking match ups to look forward to:

Light Heavyweight (205lbs)

Rashad Evans (16-1-1) vs Phil Davis (9-0-0)

Middleweight (185lbs)

Chael Sonnen (26-11-1) vs Michael Bisping (22-3-0)

Middleweight (185lbs)

Demian Maia (15-3-0) vs Chris Weidman (7-0-0)

Bantamweight (135lbs)

Johnny Bedford (18-9-1) vs Mitch Gagnon (8-1-0)

Lightweight (155lbs)

Nik Lentz (21-4-2) vs Evan Dunham (12-2-0)

Lightweight (155lbs)

Shane Roller (10-5-0) vs Michael Johnson (9-6-0)

Heavyweight (265lbs)

Jon Olav Einemo (6-2-0) vs Mike Russow (14-1-0)

Featherweight (145lbs)

Cub Swanson (15-5-0) vs George Roop (12-8-1)

Middleweight (185lbs)

Dustin Jacoby (6-1-0) vs Chris Camozzi (15-5-0)

Heavyweight (265lbs)

Joey Beltran (13-6-0) vs Lavar Johnson (15-5-0)

Lightweight (155lbs)

Charles Oliveira (14-2-0) vs Eric Wisely (19-6-0)

UFC on FX 1: results

Melvin Guillard vs Jim Miller

Melvin Guillard (29-10-2) quickly got Jim Millers attention in the first round of their fight when he knocked Jim Miller (21-3) down with a clean left hook.  It was Miller, though, that took out Melvin Guillard in the first round by way of submission with a rear naked choke.  Jim Miller continues to impress espeically over such a well ranked opponent.

Josh Neer vs Duane Ludwig

Josh Neer gets the quick submission over Duane Ludwig by way of Guillotine choke early in the first round.

Mike Easton vs Jared Papazian

Easton gets the edge over his opponent Papazian in a three round brawl.  The two showed no reservations about slugging it out in Papazian’s UFC debut as a bantamweight.

Pat Barry vs Christian Morecraft

Some good head movement and a left hook took out Pat Barry’s opponent, Christian Morecraft.  It was just the beginning of what was looking like a great fight when Barry ducked a punch of Morecrafts and landed a flush left hook to Morecrafts chin ending his night in round 1 at 3:38

Jorge Rivera retires with a W

Jorge Rivera really turned things around, on Eric Shafer , in the second round of their prelim match at UFC on FX 1.  The official outcome came at 1:31 in rd 2 by way of TKO.  Eric Shafer put on an excellent display of wrestling, but proved ineffective against the crafty veteran, Jorge Rivera, who used a whizzer to stand back up and dole out some punishment of his own.

It’s always nice to see a veteran of the sport get to retire with their last fight ending in a victory.  We here at The MMA Beatdown wish Mr. Rivera luck with his future endeavors and look forward to the inevitable new talent that will be filling the gap he has left.